Peacebuilding in Sudan: Micro- Macro Issues

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South Sudan: A civil war by any other name

International Crisis Group, Africa report no 217

In December 2013, civil war broke out in South Sudan. Continuing figthing has displaced more than 1,000,000 and killed over 10,000. A humanitarian crisis threatens many more. Resolving the conflict requires not a quick fix but sustained domestic and international commitment. The country needs fundamental reworking of the governance agreement between and within elites and communities if a negotiated settlement is to lead to a sustainable peace.

Context Matters: The Conventional DDR Template is Challenged in South Sudan

Jairo Munive Rincon in International Peacekeeping, November 2013

The results of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) programme as implemented in South Sudan are far from what the international organizations involved expected from the outset, and the case is a vivid example of a lack of context-based approaches to peacebuilding writes Jairo Munive Rincon in International Peacekeeping.

One Nation from Every Tribe, Tongue and People: The Church and Strategic Peacebuilding in South Sudan

John Ashworth, Maura Ryan (2013)

When South Sudan celebrated independence on July 9, 2011, Ken Hackett, then CEO of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), was invited to join the United States del ...

Sudan: North in the Shadow of the South

The Nordic Africa Institute, Life and Peace Institute

Report from four seminars on challenges and opportunities for peacebuilding in Sudan, held in March and April 2012 in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden. Eac ...

Negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan: A Two-Track Process Could Facilitate Agreements on Outstanding Issues

Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre, Aug 2012

Negotiations along two parallel tracks might be the best way to ensure a rapid solution to the economic difficulties, and sustainable resolutions to the other more complicated issues.

A New History for a New Nation: The Search for South Sudan's Usable Past

Rift Valley Institute, Douglas Johnson, August 2012

South Sudan is a missing piece in the jigsaw of Africa's past, says RVI Fellow Douglas Johnson.

Peace and conflict assessment of South Sudan 2012

International Alert

This report is an assessment of peace, conflict and peacebuilding in South Sudan, conducted between June 2011 and March 2012. It analyses how local, nat ...

Moving towards local-level peacebuilding? Contextualizing early peacebuilding activities to local circumstances: South Sudan case-study

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs Report, May 2012

The UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, UNMISS, is one of the most ambitious operations in UN history, in terms of local-level peacebuilding. In the ...

Note on Panthou/Heglig

Douglas H. Johnson

This note from one of the leading authorities on the area, while not giving a definitive answer to the issue of Panthou/Heglig, concludes that any government or international body that declared that Heglig is 'internationally recognized' as part of Sudan has been premature at best and prejudicial to a final resolution at worst.

South Sudan: Prospects for Peace and Development: Vol I

International Development Committee, UK House of Commons

Mounting humanitarian crisis in South Sudan as the country tries to cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees and the loss of oil revenues.

What Peace and Whose? Envisioning a more comprehensive, more stable peace in South Sudan and Sudan

Richard Barltrop, International Alert Report Feb 2012

This paper uses Alert's peacebuilding framework to explore questions about peace and peacebuilding in South Sudan and Sudan.

'When will this end and what will it take?': People's perspectives on addressing the Lord's Resistance Army conflict

Conciliation Resources, Nov 2011

The conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has become a regional issue affecting Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central Afr ...

Evaluating the EU's Role and Challenges in Sudan and South Sudan

Joost Van Der Zwan, International Alert Sept 2011

The EU needs to identify its peacebuilding niche in a heavily crowded field of actors.

Aiding the peace. A multi-donor Evaluation of Support to Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities in Southern Sudan 2005-2010

ITAD Ltd., United Kingdom in association with Channel Research, Belgium. Dec 2010

Support to conflict prevention and peacebuilding has only been partially successful. Supporting state building in Southern Sudan requires an inclusive approach.

Southern Sudan - the Four Theses

Small Wars Journal October 2010

Cross-Border Relations Beyond the Referendum

Compiled Recommendations of State-Level Workshops March to August 2010. A Concordis International project, supported by the EC, in co-operation with Juba University.

Compiled Recommendations of State-Level Workshops March to August 2010. A Concordis International project, supported by the EC, in co-operation with Juba ...

Sudan Peace Agreements: Current Challenges and Future Prospects

Abdel Ghaffar Mohamed Ahmad, Sudan Working Paper 2010:1

Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement viewed through the eyes of the Women of South Sudan

Fellows programme occasional paper No 3, 2010, by Amel Aldehaib

Complicating Darfur

David Lanz, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, vol. 32(1), 2008: Review of Alex De Waal's "War in Darfur and the Search for Peace"

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Allahu Akbar: A Friday in Khartoum
I am sipping to my coffee as I am listening to the local imam through the loudspeaker as he addresses his congregation inside the mosque.

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