Frøy Gudbrandsen (UiB) in conversation with Malawi activist Rafiq Hajat and Arne Tostensen (CMI).

Rafiq Hajat, the Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) in Malawi, has led a meandering life - from being a Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce into a Pro-Democracy Activist in 1992/3, a founder member of Transparency International (Malawi) in 1995, framing the Malawi Constitution in 1995, opposing the incumbent President's bid for a third term in 2001 and finally, an ardent Human Rights Activist. He was one of the organisers of the nationwide demonstrations held on 20th July 2011, to protest against slippages in democratic and economic governance – for which he has paid a heavy price. His offices were torched on 1st September 2011, the State President publicly issued threats against him and he was forced to go underground to protect his life. He has thus walked a truly long and winding road to find safe haven in Bergen and CMI.

Breakfast Forum is a bi-weekly Wednesday event at the Resource Centre where Frøy Gudbrandsen invites two guests to discuss current world affairs. Coffee and croissants is served.

Frøy Gudbrandsen is a PhD cansisate at the Institute for Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen. She writes on immigration policies in Scandinavia. Gudbrandsen has a Master's degree from the same institute and a BA in journalism from the University of Sheffield. Gudbrandsen has a background from journalism and has worked in asylum centres and with several volunteer organisations.