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Webinar: Humanitarian lessons from the past and the covid 19 response

28 May 2020
Munzoul Assal (University of Khartoum), Julia Betts (UK humanitarian evaluation consultant) and Ottar Mæstad (CMI). Moderator: Per Øyvind Bastøe (Norad).

Mainstreaming anti-corruption in pandemic plans and policies

15 May 2020
Countries and peoples need constant reminders of their goals. So, it is crucial that when a government makes a plan for pandemic preparedness and response, it builds in cross-cutting issues such as gender and anti-corruption. These central principles can be easily forgotten if a country finds itself tackling a crisis — such as Covid-19 — in an ad hoc or disorganised manner.

Threats to independent journalism post-Covid-19: What are the impacts for anti-corruption efforts?

12 May 2020
Media advertising and sales revenues have dropped dramatically as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This — along with new emergency laws — may constrain press freedom and independent journalism. Is an international fund for public interest media the answer?

Zero tolerance of corruption in international aid

5 May 2020
How a phased approach can bolster anti-corruption

PhD fellowship

16 Mar 2020 | Vacancy

Annual report 2019

13 Mar 2020