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Book Launch: Political Corruption in Africa. Extraction and Power Preservation

5 Dec 2019
Inge Amundsen (CMI), Moses Khisa (North Carolina State University), Aslak Orre (CMI), Saul Mullard (U4), Sophie Lemaître (U4).

Political Corruption Explained

5 Dec 2019
Inge Amundsen (CMI) and David Jackson (U4).

Anti-Corruption Activism

5 Dec 2019
Moses Khisa (North Carolina State University) in conversation with David Jackson, Senior Advisor (CMI/U4)

South Sudan: the Way Forward

4 Dec 2019
Bush Buse* (Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative), Kuyang Harriet Logo* (University of Juba), Sieta Adhieu Majok (activist), Munzoul Assal (Khartoum University), Lovise Aalen (CMI), and Endre Stiansen (MFA).

Actionable knowledge to meet global challenges


50 Years of Immigration Debate in the Scandinavian Press

3 Dec 2019
Jan Fredrik Hovden (UiB) on how the Scandinavian press has covered immigration.

Playing with the rules in the extractive industries sector

3 Dec 2019
Panel discussion on how extractive industries pursue illicit practices and how to deal with it.

Climate Change and Community-based Resiliency

26 Nov 2019
Dr Rajan Datta (Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at University of Regina, Canada)

Indigenous reconciliation and land rights

25 Nov 2019
Ranjan Datta (University of Regina, Canada) in conversation with Camila Gianella (CMI).

Feminisme i Islam

21 Nov 2019
Boklansering og diskusjon med Marianne Hafnor Bøe (UiS), Nooshin Zaery og Liv Tønnessen (CMI).

Seeing the End of Poverty?

20 Nov 2019
Eirik G. Jansen will present his new book and talk about Bangladesh's remarkable economic transformation.

Promoting justice during conflict

20 Nov 2019
Presentation by Espen Stokke (UiB) and conversation with Anna Gopsill (University of London)

Klimasøksmålet - ny runde

12 Nov 2019
Marius Gulbranson Nordby, Eirik Holmøyvik (UiB) og Sigrid Eskeland Schutz (UiB) om ankesaken mot staten. MERK: Møtet finner sted i Christie cafe (Godt brød).

Hindu nationalism and its forms of excess

12 Nov 2019
Kathinka Frøystad, Professor of Modern South Asian Studies, University of Oslo.

Urban Landscapes: The Multicultural Inner City in Postwar Britain

11 Nov 2019
Kieran Connell, Queen's University, Belfast.

Aung San Suu Kyi

7 Nov 2019
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate with Responsibility for Genocide? Stein Tønnesson (PRIO)

Iran forklart

6 Nov 2019
Kjetil Selvik (NUPI) om Iran 40 år etter revolusjonen

RCT: The Gold Standard for Poverty Eradication?

6 Nov 2019
Howard White (Campbell), Sarah A Tobin (CMI), Georg Picot (UiB) and Espen Villanger (CMI) on Randomised Control Trials.

Is Independent Medical Humanitarian Assistance Possible?

5 Nov 2019
Morten Rostrup, Medical Doctor and Professor, Department of Acute Medicine, Oslo University Hospital, and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

Humanitarian Challenges in Contexts of Conflict and Complex Emergency

5 Nov 2019
The Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS) Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts.

Humanitarian Challenges in Contexts of Conflict and Complex Emergency: Diplomacy, Containment, Data

5 Nov 2019
The Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS) Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts.

The rhetoric of sustainability

1 Nov 2019
Silvio Funtowicz (UiB) on how science can solve the sustainability crisis. NOTE: This lecture will take place at the University Museum (entrance through Café Christie)

Child-friendly Justice and Procedural Safeguards for Children in Criminal Proceedings

30 Oct 2019
A new impetus for children in conflict with the law. With Professor Ton Liefaard, Leiden Univerity.