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12 new employees

11 Feb 2020

Filming in Sabra, Beirut

16 Oct 2019 | URBAN3DP

R.I.P., Europe

10 Oct 2019 | CMI Field Notes

Assisting and protecting refugees in Europe and the Middle East - politics, law, and humanitarian practices

19 Sep 2019 | conference panel
What are the current trends when it comes to assisting and protecting refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe and in the Middle East? How do political decisions regarding refugees taken in one region affect assistance and protection in other regions?

Commission on Anthropology of the Middle East Conference

24 Aug 2019 | Paper given in conference

‘Breaking and Creating Boundaries in the Middle East’

14 Aug 2019 | conference panel
The Eleventh Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern Studies held in Helsinki, Finland, 14th-16th of August 2019. The conference was organised by The Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies (NSM) and hosted by the Finnish Institute in the Middle East and the University of Helsinki.

Storytelling with a sting: Fifty years in journalism and academia

4 Jun 2019 | Portrait
Astri Suhrke has been writing all her life. About American politics, the UN, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Timor Leste - and about a ride on bus #20 in Bergen. Treading softly has never been one of her concerns. Wherever there has been cause for critique, she has raised it. -I have written completely without restraint, she laughs. Trying to describe Astri Suhrke, fearless is the first word that comes to mind.

“Entangled Diasporas: Israel the Palestine in Transnational Perspective”

25 Mar 2019 | paper given in workshop
Participation in Workshop organized by The Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo

3 PhD fellowships

1 Dec 2018
Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) is seeking three PhD candidates to conduct research in the framework of 3 NORGLOBAL research projects, funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN)