U4 Issue | Mar 2020

Blockchain as an anti-corruption tool. Case examples and introduction to the technology

Per Aarvik

U4 Brief | Mar 2020

Corruption in the time of COVID-19: A double-threat for low income countries

Sarah Steingrüber, Monica Kirya, David Jackson, Saul Mullard

Blog post | Feb 2020

Informal systems of reciprocity, service delivery and corruption

Grant Walton and David Jackson

Master's Thesis | Feb 2020

Muligheter og begrensninger for innovasjon med endrede rammebetingelser i instituttsektoren

Vigdis Anita Gåskjenn

CMI Brief | Feb 2020

Everyday humanitarian diplomacy: Experiences from border areas

Cristina Churruca Muguruza

CMI Brief | Feb 2020

Candidate selection and informal soft quotas for women: Insights from Zambia

Vibeke Wang, Ragnhild L. Muriaas

CMI Working Paper | Feb 2020

The UAE’s Humanitarian Diplomacy: Claiming State Sovereignty, Regional Leverage and International Recognition

Deniz Gökalp

CMI Working Paper | Feb 2020

A place-based framework for assessing resettlement capacity in the context of climate change induced displacement

Solomon Zena Walelign, Päivi Lujala

CMI Working Paper | Feb 2020

How do host–migrant proximities shape attitudes toward internal climate migrants?

Päivi Lujala, Sosina Bezu, Ivar Kolstad, Minhaj Mahmud, Arne Wiig

Journal Article | Feb 2020

Independence or Front Lines: Securing Southern Representation in Yemen's Peace Talks

Robert Forster

Babylon: Nordisk Tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier

U4 Practice Insight | Feb 2020

Trial monitoring of corruption cases: An innovative answer to the quest for evaluation tools

Francesco De Sanctis

U4 Brief | Feb 2020

Improving audits to increase the effectiveness of development funding

Philip McMinn Mitchell

U4 Issue | Feb 2020

Overcoming the pitfalls of engaging communities in anti-corruption programmes

Petra Burai

U4 Brief | Feb 2020

Ukraine’s High Anti-Corruption Court. Innovation for impartial justice

Ivanna Y. Kuz, Matthew C. Stephenson

U4 Brief | Feb 2020

Networks of anti-corruption authorities. Living up to their aspirations?

Sofie Arjon Schütte

U4 Brief | Feb 2020

Procedural fairness for curbing corruption. Taking bureaucratic decision-making out of the shadows

Migai Akech, Monica Kirya

U4 Issue | Feb 2020

Reciprocity networks, service delivery, and corruption: The wantok system in Papua New Guinea

Grant Walton, David Jackson

U4 Issue | Feb 2020

Using legal empowerment to curb corruption and advance accountability

Stephen Golub

Book | Jan 2020

(In Press/October 2020) Fishers, Monks and Cadres: Navigating State, Religion and the South China Sea in Central Vietnam, NIAS Press

Edyta Roszko

Book | Jan 2020

(In Press/October 2020) Fishers, Monks and Cadres: Navigating State, Religion and the South China Sea in Central Vietnam

Blog post | Jan 2020

150 millions d’euros confisqués au vice-président Obiang dans l’affaire des « Biens mal acquis »

Sara Brimbeuf

Blog post | Jan 2020

Adaptive approaches to anti-corruption (Part 2)

David Jackson and Maria Helena Meyer Dolve

Blog post | Jan 2020

Adaptive approaches to anti-corruption (Part 1)

David Jackson, Senior Adviser and Maria Helena Meyer Dolve, (former) Research Assistant at at U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

Journal Article | Jan 2020

Acceptability of youth clubs focusing on comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education in rural Zambian schools: a case of Central Province

Eunice Chirwa-Kambole,Joar Svanemyr,Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy,Peter Hangoma,Joseph Mumba Zulu

BMC Health Services Research

Blog post | Jan 2020

Zero tolerance of corruption in international aid

Arne Strand

Book Chapter | Jan 2020

French children’s literature and autism: A case for more children’s books on autism and for autistic children

Lucie Ducarre

Contemporary Publishing and the Culture of Books

CMI Reflections | Jan 2020

There must be something I can ‘help with’

Salla Turunen

Blog post | Jan 2020

SuperCamp: Genealogies of Humanitarian Containment in the Middle East

Are John Knudsen and Kjersti G. Berg

Journal Article | Jan 2020

Forest becomes frontline: Conservation and counter-insurgency in a space of violent conflict in Assam, Northeast India

Anwesha Dutta

Political Ecology

Blog post | Jan 2020

The end of protection? Cessation and the ‘return turn’ in refugee law

Jessica Schultz

Journal Article | Jan 2020

The Customer is King: Evidence on VAT Compliance in Tanzania

Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Cecilia Kagoma, Ephraim Mdee, Ingrid Hoem Sjursen, Vincent Somville

World Development

Journal Article | Jan 2020

Manly merchants: commerce, mobility and masculinity among Afghan traders in Eurasia

Magnus Marsden

Anthropology of the Middle East

Book Chapter | Jan 2020

'Here Men Are Becoming Women and Women Men'. Gender, Class and Space in Maputo, Mozambique

Inge Tvedten, Arlindo Uate and Lizete Mangueleze

Social Im/mobilities in Africa. Ehnographic Approaches

Journal Article | Jan 2020

Income Guarantees and Borrowing in Risky Environments: Evidence from India's Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Clive Bell and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay


Journal Article | Jan 2020

Kinship, Caste, and Health: Illness and Treatment in Upland Orissa

Clive Bell and Susanne van Dillen

Journal of Development Studies

Journal Article | Jan 2020

A critical look at civil society and peace building in Sudan (in arabic)

Munzoul Assal

Bulletin of Sudanese Studies

Journal Article | Jan 2020

Commentary: Enclosing Blue Commons, Generating Blue Growth? Comment on Fiona McCormack’s “Precarity, Indigeneity and the Market in Māori Fisheries" in Forum: Precarity, Indigeneity and the Market in Maori Fisheries

Edyta Roszko

Public Anthropologist

U4 Issue | Jan 2020

La psicología cognitiva de la corrupción. Explicaciones del comportamiento no ético a nivel micro

Kendra Dupuy, Siri Neset

Blog post | 2019

“The Tipp-Ex election”: Widespread unrest after the 2019 elections in Malawi

Arne Tostensen

Blog post | 2019

Is Sudan Ready for Transitional Justice?

Elin Skaar

CMI Brief | 2019

Sudan’s popular uprising and the demise of Islamism

Munzoul A. M. Assal

Journal Article | 2019

The Political, Research, Programmatic, and Social Responses to Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the 25 Years Since the International Conference on Population and Development

Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli et al.

Journal of Adolescent Health

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2019

Hvordan lykkes i kampen mot barneekteskap?

Liv Tønnessen

Journal Article | 2019

A Critique of the Humanitarian (B)order of Things

Antonio De Lauri

Journal of Identity and Migration Studies

TNRC Publication | 2019

Understanding effects of corruption on law enforcement and environmental crime

David Aled Williams

Report in External Series | 2019

Building accountable resource governance institutions

David Aled Williams

Journal Article | 2019

The right to abortion in Tunisia after the revolution of 2011: Legal, medical and social arrangements seen through seven abortion stories

Irene Maffi and Malika Affes

Health and Human Rights Journal

Journal Article | 2019

The Limits of Law: Abortion in the Middle East and Northern Africa

Irene Maffi and Liv Tønnessen

Health and Human Rights Journal

Journal Article | 2019

Gender parity and the symbolic representation of women in Senegal

Marianne Tøraasen

The Journal of Modern African Studies

Journal Article | 2019

The politicization of abortion and hippocratic disobedience in Islamist Sudan

Liv Tønnessen and Samia al-Nagar

Health and Human Rights Journal

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