CMI Report | 2014

Rising Powers and the African Security Landscape

Elling N. Tjønneland (editor), Chris Alden, Anthoni van Nieuwkerk, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, Danilo Marcondes de Souza Neto

U4 Issue | 2014

Mixed incentives: Adopting ICT innovations for transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption

Tim Davies, Silvana Fumega

U4 Brief | 2014

Mecanismos para presentar denuncias en organismos de salud

Taryn Vian

Report in External Series | 2014

Rising powers in Africa: What does this mean for the African peace and security agenda?

Elling N. Tjønneland

Journal Article | 2014

Poverty Dynamics in Rural Orissa: Transitions in Assets and Occupations over Generations

Magnus Hatlebakk

Journal of Development Studies

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2013

Compromise over land takeover

Namita Wahi

U4 Brief | 2013

Complaints mechanisms in health organizations

Taryn Vian

Book Chapter | 2013

Utvikling og fattigdom i sør: Treng framtida bistand?

Elling N. Tjønneland

Norge og det nye verdenskartet

Report in External Series | 2013

Providing development aid to Africa: Comparing South Africa with China, India and Brazil

Elling N. Tjønneland

CMI Brief | 2013

Tribal marginalization in India: Social exclusion and protective law

Kavita Navlani Søreide

Edited Book | 2012

Nye stormakter i Afrika. Utvikling eller utbytting?

Elling N. Tjønneland, red.

Report in External Series | 2012

Agricultural Trade between Bangladesh and India: An Analysis of Trends, Trading Patterns and Determinants

Mustafizur Rahman, Mazbahul Golam Ahamad, A K M Nazrul Islam, Muhammad Al Amin

CMI Brief | 2012

Litigating the right to heath in India: Can litigation fix a health system in crisis?

Namita Wahi

Book Chapter | 2012

Civil Society Procurement Monitoring: Challenges and Opportunities

Francesco De Simone and Shruti Shah

A New Role for Citizens in public Procurement

Master's Thesis | 2010

Fuelling development? A critical look at government-centred jatropha cultivation for biodiesel as promoted by the biofuel policy in Rajasthan, India

Clare Tompsett

Journal Article | 2010

Networks, middlemen and other (urban) labour market mysteries

Vegard Iversen and Gaute Torsvik

Indian Growth and Development Review

CMI Report | 2009

Self-interest and global responsibility: Aid policies of South Korea and India in the making

Alf Morten Jerve and Hilde Selbervik

Report in External Series | 2008

Managing Aid Exit and Transformation. Lessons from Botswana, Eritrea, India, Malawi and South Africa. Synthesis Report

Anneke Slob and Alf Morten Jerve

CMI Report | 2007

Asian Models for Aid: Is There a Non-Western Approach to Development Assistance? Summary record of seminar held in Oslo, December 2006

Alf Morten Jerve

Master's Thesis | 2005

Strained Fraternity. Identity Formations, Migration and Social Transformation among Sri Lankan Tamils in Tamil Nadu, India

Nicolay Paus

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