Report in External Series | 2016

Country Evaluation Brief: South Sudan

Gunnar M. Sørbø, Mareike Schomerus, Lovise Aalen

Report in External Series | 2016

Country Evaluation Brief: Afghanistan

Arne Strand, Astri Suhrke, Nils Taxell

Edited Book | 2016

Media and Political Contestation in the Contemporary Arab World

Lena Jayyusi and Anne Sofie Roald

CMI Working Paper | 2016

«Nowadays there are shoot-outs all the time». Women, children, and Police Pacification Units (UPPs) in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro.

Iselin Åsedotter Strønen

Sudan Working Paper | 2016

The Future of Mechanized Schemes and Agricultural Investment in the South Kordofan State / Nuba Mountains

Abdelmageed M. Yahya and Banaga Ahmed Mohammed

Sudan Working Paper | 2016

Civilians’ Survival Strategies amid Institutionalized Insecurity and Violence in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan

Guma Kunda Komey

Edited Book | 2016

Oil States in the New Middle East. Uprisings and stability

Kjetil Selvik, Bjorn Olav Utvik

Sudan Working Paper | 2016

From a Temporary Emergency Shelter to an Urbanized Neighborhood: The Abu Shoak IDP Camp in North Dārfūr

Dr. Osman Mohamed Osman Ali and Ust. Ali Mohamed Mahmoud

Journal Article | 2016

Political capital of ruling parties after regime change: contrasting successful insurgencies to peaceful pro-democracy movements

Ragnhild Louise Muriaas, Lise Rakner, Ingvild Aagedal Skage

Civil Wars

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2016

Veien fra Kabul til Syria

Astri Suhrke,Torunn Wimpelmann

Journal Article | 2016

Trial of the Status Quo: The Politics of Mediated Justice in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Sari Hanafi, Are John Knudsen, Robert Flahive

Arab Studies Journal

Book Review | 2016

Sør-Afrikas historie: Ei bokgåve frå Tore Linné Eriksen til det Afrika-interesserte publikum i Norge

Elling N. Tjønneland

CMI Working Paper | 2016

“A Civil-Military Alliance”: The Venezuelan Armed Forces before and during the Chávez era

Iselin Åsedotter Strønen

Sudan Working Paper | 2016

Civil society and peace building in Sudan: A critical look

Munzoul A. M. Assal (University of Khartoum)

CMI Working Paper | 2016

Too big to fault? Effects of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize on Norwegian exports to China and foreign policy

Ivar Kolstad

CMI Report | 2016

Programmes for assisted return to Afghanistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ethiopia and Kosovo: A comparative evaluation of effectiveness and outcomes

Arne Strand, Synnøve Kristine Nepstad Bendixsen, Hilde Lidén, Erlend Paasche and Lovise Aalen With Asnake Kefale, Sara Khadir, Ali Kurdistani, Hana Limani and Akbar Sarwari

CMI Report | 2016

Assisterte returprogram til Afghanistan, Irakisk Kurdistan, Etiopia og Kosovo. Korleis gjekk det? Ei samanliknande evaluering av verknad og resultat.

Arne Strand, Synnøve Kristine Nepstad Bendixsen, Hilde Lidén, Erlend Paasche, Lovise Aalen

CMI Insight | 2016

The Sudan Armed Forces and Prospects of Change

Atta El-Battahani

Edited Book | 2016

Businessmen in Arms: How the Military and Other Armed Groups Profit in the MENA Region

Elke Grawert and Zeinab Abul-Magd (eds.)

Journal Article | 2016

Does violence pay? The effect of ethnic rebellion on overcoming political deprivation

Carlo Koos

Conflict Management and Peace Science

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