Edited Book | 2017

Civil-military relations in Lebanon: Conflict, cohesion and confessionalism in a divided society

Are John Knudsen and Tine Gade

Report in External Series | 2017

The Internal Flight Alternative in Norway: Law and practice with respect to Afghan families and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

Jessica Schultz

Book | 2017

The Pitfalls of protection. Gender, violence and power in Afghanistan

Torunn Wimpelmann

Blog post | 2017

Reform of the rape law in Sudan: Lip service to the International Criminal Court

Liv Tønnessen

Report in External Series | 2017

A Question of Implementation. Strategies for supporting the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Afghanistan

Arne Strand, Astri Suhrke, Torunn Wimpelmann with Samira Hamidi

CMI Brief | 2017

Crisis at South Africa’s universities – what are the implications for future cooperation with Norway?

Elling N. Tjønneland

Journal Article | 2017

Sexual violence in armed conflicts: research progress and remaining gaps

Carlo Koos

Third World Quarterly

Book Chapter | 2017

The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF): A united army for a divided country?

Are John Knudsen and Tine Gade

Civil-Military Relations in Lebanon

Book Chapter | 2017

Patrolling a proxy-war: Soldiers, citizens and Zuʻama in Syria Street, Tripoli

Are John Knudsen

Journal Article | 2017

Campements, abris et squats: Des zones floues où vivent les réfugiés syriens au Liban (Camps, shelters, squats: Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s twilight zones)

Are John Knudsen

hommes & migrations

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2017

Klimaks nærmer seg i Venezuela: Blir det mer diktatur eller regimeendring?

Aslak Jangård Orre

Book Chapter | 2017

Syria's refugees in Lebanon: Brothers, burden and bone of contention

Are John Knudsen

Lebanon Facing the Arab Uprisings: Between Internal Challenges and External Constraints

Journal Article | 2017

Enemies of the state: Curbing women activists advocating rape reform in Sudan

Liv Tønnessen

Journal of International Women's Studies

Journal Article | 2016

Death of a Statesman – Birth of a Martyr: Martyrdom and Memorials in Post–Civil War Lebanon

Are John Knudsen

Anthropology of the Middle East

Sudan Working Paper | 2016

South Sudan “arrivals” in the White Nile State (Sudan). Not citizens, not IDPs, not Refugees: What are they?

Idris Salim ElHassan

Journal Article | 2016

Recapturing Refugee Camps: Hybrid Spaces of Humanitarianism

Maja Janmyr, Are John Knudsen

Humanity Journal

CMI Working Paper | 2016

The Armed Forces and the Economy in Latin America: Contemporary Trends and Implications for Civil-Military Relations.

Kristina Mani

Report in External Series | 2016

Country Evaluation Brief: South Sudan

Gunnar M. Sørbø, Mareike Schomerus, Lovise Aalen

Report in External Series | 2016

Country Evaluation Brief: Afghanistan

Arne Strand, Astri Suhrke, Nils Taxell

Edited Book | 2016

Media and Political Contestation in the Contemporary Arab World

Lena Jayyusi and Anne Sofie Roald

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