Newspaper Op-Ed | 2017

Reform av voldtektsloven i Sudan – et spill for galleriet

Liv Tønnessen

CMI Working Paper | 2017

Mobility, Entitlement and Perceptions of Inequality

Julia Seiermann

Edited Book | 2017

Social rights judgments and the politics of compliance: Making it stick

Malcolm Langford, Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito, Julieta Rossi

Book Chapter | 2017

Women’s rights and the women’s movement in Sudan (1952-2014)

Samia al-Nagar and Liv Tønnessen

Women's activism in Africa

Journal Article | 2017

Sexual violence in armed conflicts: research progress and remaining gaps

Carlo Koos

Third World Quarterly

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2017

Juego de números

Camila Gianella

Journal Article | 2017

Women and legal pluralism: Lessons from indigenous governance systems in the Andes

Anna Barrera and Rachel Sieder

Journal of Latin American Studies

Journal Article | 2017

Legal knowledge as a tool for social change: La mesa por la vida y la salud de las mujeres as an expert on Colombian abortion law

Ana Cristina González Vélez and Isabel Cristina Jaramillo

Health and Human Rights Journal

Book Chapter | 2017

Solving the problem of (non)compliance in SE rights litigation .

Daniel M. Brinks

Social Rights Judgments and the Politics of Compliance: Making It Stick

Book Chapter | 2017

Costa Rica: Understanding variations in compliance

Bruce M. Wilson and Olman A. Rodríguez L.

Journal Article | 2017

The Moderating influence of international courts on social movements: Evidence from the IVF case against Costa Rica

Julieta Lemaitre and Rachel Sieder

Health and Human Rights Journal

Journal Article | 2017

Abortion rights legal mobilization in the Peruvian media, 1990–2015

Camila Gianella

Health and Human Rights Journal

Journal Article | 2017

Legalizing indigenous self-determination: Autonomy and Buen Vivir in Latin America

Rachel Sieder and Anna Barrera Vivero

The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

Blog post | 2017

Weak law forbidding FGM in Sudan

Liv Tønnessen, Samia El-Nagar, Sharifa Gafar Bamkar

Journal Article | 2017

Enemies of the state: Curbing women activists advocating rape reform in Sudan

Liv Tønnessen

Journal of International Women's Studies

Sudan Working Paper | 2016

Peacemaking, Customary Laws and Institutions in Dārfūr

Dr. Osman Mohamed Osman Ali and Dr. Yousif Suliman Saeed Takana

Book Chapter | 2016

Norwegian Research on Human Rights and Justice in Latin America

Elin Skaar and Jemima Garcia-Godos

Norwegian Social Thought on Latin America

Journal Article | 2016

Introduction: Performing the State

Jeremy Kingsley and Kari Telle

Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde

Journal Article | 2016

Legal Pluralism And Indigenous Women’s Rights In Mexico: The Ambiguities Of Recognition

Rachel Sieder

NYU Journal of International Law and Politics

Journal Article | 2016

TB in Vulnerable Populations: The Case of an Indigenous Community in the Peruvian Amazon

Camila Gianella, César Ugarte-Gil, Godofredo Caro, Rula Aylas, César Castro, and Claudia Lema

Health and Human Rights

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