Journal Article | 2016

TB in Vulnerable Populations: The Case of an Indigenous Community in the Peruvian Amazon

Camila Gianella, César Ugarte-Gil, Godofredo Caro, Rula Aylas, César Castro, and Claudia Lema

Health and Human Rights

Report in External Series | 2015

On the Way to Good Health? Rural Roads and Morbidity in Upland Orissa

Clive Bell and Susanne van Dillen

Journal Article | 2015

Effect of Paying for Performance on Utilisation, Quality, and User Costs of Health Services in Tanzania: A Controlled Before and After Study

Peter Binyaruka, Edith Patouillard, Timothy Powell-Jackson, Giulia Greco, Ottar Mæstad, Josephine Borghi


Report in External Series | 2015

Basis for Decisions to use Results-Based Payments in Norwegian Development Aid

Johan Helland,Ottar Mæstad

Report in External Series | 2015

Experiences with Results-Based Payments in Norwegian Development Aid

Johan Helland,Ottar Mæstad

Blog post | 2015

Women’s Right to Abortion after Rape in Sudan

Liv Tønnessen

Journal Article | 2015

In Tanzania, The Many Costs Of Pay-For-Performance Leave Open To Debate Whether The Strategy Is Cost-Effective

Josephine Borghi, Richard Little, Peter Binyaruka, Edith Patouillard, August Kuwawenaruwa

Health Affairs

Book Chapter | 2014

Judging the price of life: cost considerations in right-to-health litigation

Octavio L. Motta Ferraz, Siri Gloppen, Ottar Mæstad, Lise Rakner

Juridification and Social Citizenship in the Welfare State

Journal Article | 2014

Understanding Inequalities in Child Health in Ethiopia: Health Achievements Are Improving in the Period 2000– 2011

Eirin Kruger Skaftun, Merima Ali , Ole Frithjof Norheim


U4 Brief | 2014

Mecanismos para presentar denuncias en organismos de salud

Taryn Vian

Journal Article | 2014

Health rights litigation and access to medicines: Priority classification of successful cases from Costa Rica’s constitutional chamber of the supreme court

Ole Frithjof Norheim, Bruce Wilson

Health and Human Rights: An International Journal

Journal Article | 2014

When incentives work too well: Locally implemented Pay for Performance (P4P) and adverse sanctions towards home birth in Tanzania - a qualitative study

Victor Chimhutu, Ida Lindkvist and Siri Lange

BMC Health Services Research

Journal Article | 2014

Why don't clinicians adhere more consistently to the guidelines for Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI)?

Lange, S., A. Mwisongo, and O. Mæstad

Social Science and Medicine

Journal Article | 2014

Lifetime QALY prioritarianism in priority setting: Quantification of the inherent trade-off

Ottersen, T., O. Mæstad, and O. F. Norheim

Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

Edited Book | 2014

Corruption, grabbing and development: Real world challenges

Søreide, T. and A. Williams (Eds.)

Journal Article | 2014

Using incentives to attract nurses to remote areas of Tanzania: a contingent valuation study

Michael Munga, Gaute Torsvik, Ottar Mæstad

Health Policy and Planning

U4 Brief | 2013

Complaints mechanisms in health organizations

Taryn Vian

CMI Report | 2013

Haydom Lutheran Hospital: Midterm review of the Block Grant Support End review of the MDG 4 and 5 project support

Siri Lange

Doctoral Thesis | 2013

Challenges in Implementing the Colombian Constitutional Court’s Health-Care System Ruling of 2008

Camila Gianella

Journal Article | 2013

Protocol for the evaluation of a pay for performance programme in Pwani region in Tanzania: A controlled before and after study

Josephine, Mayumana Iddy, Mashasi Irene, Binyaruka Peter, Patouillard Edith, Njau Ikunda, Maestad Ottar, Abdulla Salim, Mamdani Masuma

Implementation Science

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