Report in External Series | 2018

Mid-term evaluation of Swedish government funded civil society support through the AGIR II programme in Mozambique 2014-2020

Inge Tvedten

CMI Report | 2018

Urban poverty in Luanda, Angola

Inge Tvedten, Gilson Lázaro, Eyolf Jul-Larsen, Mateus Agostinho

CMI Working Paper | 2018

Kinship, Caste and Health: Illness and Treatment in Upland Orissa

Clive Bell, Susanne van Dillen

Report in External Series | 2018

Evaluation of the Sida supported research capacity and higher education development programme in Rwanda, 2013-2017

Inge Tvedten, Arthur Byabagambi, Johanna Lindström, Matti Tedre

Journal Article | 2018

Labour-Intensive Jobs for Women and Development: Intra-household Welfare Effects and Its Transmission Channels

Tigabu Getahun and Espen Villanger

Journal of Development Studies

Blog post | 2018

Public Anthropologist: Commissioned Anthropology

Inge Tvedten

Book Chapter | 2018

Monografia de Município de Kalandula

Lazáro Gilson, Inge Tvedten, Mateus Agostinho, Iselin Strønen et al.

Relatório Social de Angola 2016

Journal Article | 2018

Fertility, household size and poverty in Nepal

François Libois and Vincent Somville

World Development

Book Review | 2018

Review of The Good Holiday. Development, Tourism and the Politics of the Benevolence in Mozambique

Aslak Orre

Forum for Development Studies

Report in External Series | 2018

How do voters respond to information on self-serving elite behaviour? Evidence from a randomized survey experiment in Tanzania

Ivar Kolstad and Arne Wiig

CMI Report | 2018

Norwegian aid to food security, nutrition and agriculture

Magnus Hatlebakk

Journal Article | 2017

Political determinants of sustainable development goals

Camila Gianella, Siri Gloppen, Marta Rodriguez de Assis Machado

The Lancet

CMI Report | 2017

Pobreza Rural em Malanje, Angola

Inge Tvedten, Gilson Lázaro, Eyolf Jul-Larsen, Mateus Agostinho

CMI Brief | 2017

“Making money in Angola is about connections, not hard work”

Ivar Kolstad, Arne Wiig, Vissolela Chivunda

Journal Article | 2017

Alternatives to local content

Ivar Kolstad and Abel Kinyondo

Oxford Development Studies

Journal Article | 2017

Within-group heterogeneity and group dynamics: Analyzing exit of microcredit groups in Angola

Ivar Kolstad, Armando J. G. Pires, Arne Wiig

Oxford Development Studies

Report in External Series | 2017

Nepal: A political economy analysis

Magnus Hatlebakk

CMI Working Paper | 2017

Protected tax havens: Cornering the market through international reform?

Ivar Kolstad

Sudan Working Paper | 2017

Compensatory Livestock Thievery: A New Trend in Economic Crime In Dilling/South Kordofan State (2014–2016)

Dr. Ahmed Elhassab, Mohammed Elhassab

CMI Working Paper | 2017

Usufructuary Mortgages as a Source of Funds in Need: Some Theory and an Empirical Investigation

Magnus Hatlebakk, Clive Bell

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