CMI Brief | May 2018

An increasing number of Muslim women in politics: A step towards complementarity, not equality

Liv Tønnessen

Newspaper Op-Ed | May 2018

Barneekteskap i krig - et voksende problem

Liv Tønnessen

CMI Report | Apr 2018

Life skills in non-formal contexts for adolescent girls in developing countries

Kendra Dupuy, Sosina Bezu, Are Knudsen, Sandra Halvorsen, Christina Kwauk (Brookings Institution), Amanda Braga (Brookings Institution), Helyn Kim (Brookings Institution)

Book Chapter | Mar 2018

Transitional Justice for Human Rights: The Legacy and Future of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions

Elin Skaar

International Human Rights Institutions, Tribunals, and Courts. International Human Rights

Newspaper Op-Ed | Mar 2018

The ruins of Bangladesh’s LGBT community

Inge Amundsen

Journal Article | Jan 2018

Revisiting Health Rights Litigation and Access to Medications in Costa Rica: Preliminary Evidence fromthe Cochrane Collaboration Reform

Olman Rodríguez Loaiza, Sigrid Morales, Ole Frithjof Norheim, and Bruce Wilson

Health and Human Rights Journal

Journal Article | Jan 2018

Overcoming the Limits of Legal Opportunity Structures: LGBT Rights’ Forking Paths in Costa Rica and Colombia

Bruce M. Wilson,Camila Gianella

Latin American Politics and Society.

Journal Article | Jan 2018

Faith on Trial: Blasphemy and 'lawfare' in Indonesia

Kari Telle


Journal Article | 2017

Political determinants of sustainable development goals

Camila Gianella, Siri Gloppen, Marta Rodriguez de Assis Machado

The Lancet

CMI Report | 2017

Family law reform in Sudan: competing claims for gender justice between sharia and women’s human rights

Samia El Nagar, Liv Tønnessen

Blog post | 2017

Conservative mobilization and adolescent pregnancy in Latin America

Camila Gianella, Marta R. de Assis Machado and Angélica Peñas Defago

CMI Report | 2017

Legal Reform and Women’s Rights in Lebanese Personal Status Laws

Dima Dabbous

CMI Working Paper | 2017

The Criminalisation of Rape in Pakistan

Shehar Bano Khan and Shirin Gul

CMI Brief | 2017

A new conservative social movement? Latin America’s regional strategies to restrict abortion rights

Camila Gianella Malca, Rachel Sieder, Angelica Peñas, Marta Rodriguez de Assis Machado

Edited Book | 2017

Demanding justice and security: Indigenous women and legal pluralities in Latin America

Rachel Sieder

CMI Insight | 2017

Gender parity in Senegal – A continuing struggle

Marianne Tøraasen

Book | 2017

The Pitfalls of protection. Gender, violence and power in Afghanistan

Torunn Wimpelmann

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2017

Reform av voldtektsloven i Sudan – et spill for galleriet

Liv Tønnessen

CMI Working Paper | 2017

Mobility, Entitlement and Perceptions of Inequality

Julia Seiermann

Edited Book | 2017

Social rights judgments and the politics of compliance: Making it stick

Malcolm Langford, Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito, Julieta Rossi

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