U4 Brief | 2018

Corruption and the city: How aid donors can support integrity building in urban spaces

David Aled Williams, Kendra Dupuy

U4 Brief | 2017

Proxy indicators for the corrupt misuse of corporations

Mihály Fazekas, Bence Tóth

U4 Brief | 2017

Has the EITI been successful? Reviewing evaluations of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Päivi Lujala, Siri Aas Rustad, Philippe Le Billon

U4 Issue | 2017

Lobbying: the preconditions of an anti-corruption promise

Anthony Nownes

Journal Article | 2017

Deciding over nature: Corruption and environmental impact assessments

Aled Williams and Kendra Dupuy

Environmental Impact Assessment Review

U4 Issue | 2017

Corruption in community-driven development. A Kenyan case study with insights from Indonesia

Jean Ensminger

CMI Report | 2017

Robustness and vulnerabilities to corruption in Denmark’s aid funding modalities in Afghanistan

Arne Strand, Arne Disch, Mirwais Wardak

U4 Issue | 2017

Tribunaux anti-corruption spécialisés: Une cartographie comparative

Sofie Arjon Schütte, Matthew C. Stephenson

U4 Issue | 2017

Construyendo la rendición de cuentas de manera diferente: Una propuesta para la integración vertical del monitoreo y la incidencia pública

Jonathan Fox, Joy Aceron, Aránzazu Guillán

U4 Brief | 2017

Bespoke monitoring and evaluation of anti-corruption agencies

Sofie Arjon Schütte

Report in External Series | 2017

La transparence à l’état but : décryptage de la transparence des entreprises extractives

Sophie Lemaître, Quentin Parrinello, Christophe Alliot & al.

U4 Practitioner Experience Note | 2017

Transforming Brazil’s anti-corruption record – Interview with Dr. Sílvio Antonio Marques

Alessandra Fontana, Sílvio Antonio Marques

U4 Practitioner Experience Note | 2017

The rapid economic liberalisation and ruthless fight against corruption in Georgia – Interview with Dr. Tamara Kovziridze

Fredrik Eriksson

U4 Issue | 2017

Preventing corruption in community mineral beneficiation schemes

Michael Nest

Book Chapter | 2017

Corruption and elite capture of mining community development funds in Ghana and Sierra Leone

Kendra Dupuy

Corruption, natural resources and development: from resource curse to political ecology

Book Chapter | 2017

Strengthening institutions against corruption? Biofuel deals in Ghana

David Aled Williams, Festus Boamah

Corruption, natural resources and development: from resource curse to political ecology

Edited Book | 2017

Corruption, natural resources and development: From resource curse to political ecology

David Aled Williams, Philippe Le Billon (Eds.)

Book Chapter | 2017

Governance challenges in Tanzania’s natural gas sector: Unregulated lobbyism and uncoordinated policy

Odd-Helge Fjeldstad and Jesper Johnsøn

Corruption, natural resources and development: from resource curse to political ecology

Report in External Series | 2016

Hard won wisdom: What conservationists need to know about wildlife-related corruption

Dilys Roe, Rob Parry-Jones, David Aled Williams

CMI Report | 2016

The costs of corruption to the Mozambican economy. Why it is important to fight corruption in a climate of fiscal fragility

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