Journal Article | 2014

Health rights litigation and access to medicines: Priority classification of successful cases from Costa Rica’s constitutional chamber of the supreme court

Ole Frithjof Norheim, Bruce Wilson

Health and Human Rights: An International Journal

Journal Article | 2014

When incentives work too well: Locally implemented Pay for Performance (P4P) and adverse sanctions towards home birth in Tanzania - a qualitative study

Victor Chimhutu, Ida Lindkvist and Siri Lange

BMC Health Services Research

Journal Article | 2014

Why don't clinicians adhere more consistently to the guidelines for Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI)?

Lange, S., A. Mwisongo, and O. Mæstad

Social Science and Medicine

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Lifetime QALY prioritarianism in priority setting: Quantification of the inherent trade-off

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Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

Edited Book | 2014

Corruption, grabbing and development: Real world challenges

Søreide, T. and A. Williams (Eds.)

Journal Article | 2014

Using incentives to attract nurses to remote areas of Tanzania: a contingent valuation study

Michael Munga, Gaute Torsvik, Ottar Mæstad

Health Policy and Planning

U4 Brief | 2013

Complaints mechanisms in health organizations

Taryn Vian

CMI Report | 2013

Haydom Lutheran Hospital: Midterm review of the Block Grant Support End review of the MDG 4 and 5 project support

Siri Lange

Doctoral Thesis | 2013

Challenges in Implementing the Colombian Constitutional Court’s Health-Care System Ruling of 2008

Camila Gianella

Journal Article | 2013

Protocol for the evaluation of a pay for performance programme in Pwani region in Tanzania: A controlled before and after study

Josephine, Mayumana Iddy, Mashasi Irene, Binyaruka Peter, Patouillard Edith, Njau Ikunda, Maestad Ottar, Abdulla Salim, Mamdani Masuma

Implementation Science

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Health inequalities in Ethiopia: modeling inequalities in length of life within and between population groups

Eirik Joakim Tranvåg, Merima Ali and Ole Frithjof Norheim

International Journal for Equity in Health

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Productivity of health workers. Tanzania

Ottar Mæstad, Aziza Mwisongo

The labor market for health workers in Africa. A new look at the crisis.

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Addressing corruption through sector approaches: Exploring lessons from the Moroccan anticorruption strategy for the health sector

Hady Fink, Karen Hussmann

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Good governance for medicines initiatives: Exploring lessons learned

Jillian Clare Kohler, Natalia Ovtcharenko

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Sexual and reproductive rights - a global legal battlefield

Camila Gianella, Siri Gloppen, Rachel Sieder, Alicia Yamin

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A Human Rights Based Approach to Participation in Health Reform: Experiences from the Implementation of Constitutional Court Orders in Colombia

Camila Gianella

Nordic Journal of Human Rights

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Giving Effect to Children's Right to Health in Colombia? Analysing the Implementation of Court Decisions Ordering Health System Reform

Camila Gianella, Siri Gloppen and Elisabeth Fosse

Journal of Human Rights Practice

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Enfrentar la corrupción en el sector de la salud

Karen Hussmann

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Per diem policy analysis toolkit

Taryn Vian, Laura Sabin

U4 Issue | 2012

Traiter le problème de la corruption dans le secteur de la santé: Comment assurer un accès équitable pour tous aux soins de santé

Karen Hussmann

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