CMI Working Paper | 2016

Understanding the Lay of the Land: An Institutional Analysis of Petro-Governance in Tanzania

Bryan Lee, Kendra Dupuy

Report in External Series | 2016

Hard won wisdom: What conservationists need to know about wildlife-related corruption

Dilys Roe, Rob Parry-Jones, David Aled Williams

CMI Working Paper | 2016

Always choosing the oil rents: How leaders in Angola and Venezuela brought their countries to ruin

Leiv Marsteintredet, Aslak Orre

Journal Article | 2016

Resource nationalism and local content in Tanzania: Experiences from mining and consequences for the petroleum sector

Siri Lange, Abel Kinyondo

The Extractive Industries and Society

CMI Brief | 2016

Lack of consultation. Stakeholders perspectives on local content requirements in the petroleum sector in Tanzania

Espen Villanger (CMI), Abel Kinyondo (Repoa), Ingvild Hestad (CMI)

CMI Brief | 2016

Petro-Governance in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges

Bryan Lee, Kendra Dupuy

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2016

Corruption and Wildlife Trafficking: The Elephant in the Room

Rob Parry-Jones (WWF International), David Aled Williams

Sudan Working Paper | 2016

The Future of Mechanized Schemes and Agricultural Investment in the South Kordofan State / Nuba Mountains

Abdelmageed M. Yahya and Banaga Ahmed Mohammed

U4 Brief | 2016

At the extremes: Corruption in natural resource management revisited

David Aled Williams, Kendra Dupuy

CMI Working Paper | 2016

Local content requirements in the petroleum sector in Tanzania: A thorny road from inception to implementation?

Abel Kinyondo, Espen Villanger

CMI Brief | 2016

Petroleum fund in Tanzania? Other alternatives may be better

Ragnar Torvik

CMI Working Paper | 2016

Should Tanzania establish a sovereign wealth fund?

Ragnar Torvik

CMI Brief | 2016

Enforcement of water rights

Lara Côrtes, Camila Gianella, Bruce Wilson

CMI Brief | 2016

Local content in the Tanzanian mining sector

Abel Kinyondo; Siri Lange

Journal Article | 2016

Hands Off My Regime! Governments’ Restrictions on Foreign Aid to Non-Governmental Organizations in Poor and Middle-Income Countries

Kendra Dupuy, James Ron, Aseem Prakash

World Development

CMI Brief | 2016

Not so great expectations: Gas revenue, corruption and willingness to pay tax in Tanzania

Alexander Wright Cappelen, Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Cornel Jahari, Donald Mmari, Ingrid Hoem Sjursen, Bertil Tungodden

Journal Article | 2016

The Effects of Oil Production and Ethnic Representation on Violent Conflict in Nigeria: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Carlo Koos, Jan Pierskalla

Terrorism and Political Violence

CMI Brief | 2015

Non-resource taxation in a resource rich setting: A broader tax base will enhance tax compliance in Tanzania

Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Cornel Jahari, Donald Mmari, Ingrid Hoem Sjursen

U4 Issue | 2015

By the gun or by the bribe: Firm size, environmental governance and corruption among mining companies in Guatemala

Michael L. Dougherty

U4 Brief | 2015

Large-scale mining in protected areas made possible through corruption: Options for donors

Michael D. Beevers

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