Sudan Brief | 2020

Irregular Migration or Human Trafficking? The Realities of Cross-border Population Mobility in Western Sudan

Abdelmageed M. Yahya

CMI Brief | 2020

Everyday humanitarian diplomacy: Experiences from border areas

Cristina Churruca Muguruza

CMI Working Paper | 2020

The UAE’s Humanitarian Diplomacy: Claiming State Sovereignty, Regional Leverage and International Recognition

Deniz Gökalp

CMI Working Paper | 2020

A place-based framework for assessing resettlement capacity in the context of climate change induced displacement

Solomon Zena Walelign, Päivi Lujala

CMI Working Paper | 2020

How do host–migrant proximities shape attitudes toward internal climate migrants?

Päivi Lujala, Sosina Bezu, Ivar Kolstad, Minhaj Mahmud, Arne Wiig

Book Chapter | 2020

Diplomacia de acompañamiento. La diplomacia humanitaria cotidiana en lugares de frontera

Cristina Churruca Muguruza

Nuevos planteamientos en diplomacia: La diplomacia humanitaria

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2020

Korona i Israel og Palestina: Ett virus, tre systemer

Kjersti G. Berg

Journal Article | 2020

Sheikhs and the City: Urban Paths of Contention in Sidon, Lebanon

Are John Knudsen

Conflict and Society

Blog post | 2020

The end of protection? Cessation and the ‘return turn’ in refugee law

Jessica Schultz

Journal Article | 2019

A Critique of the Humanitarian (B)order of Things

Antonio De Lauri

Journal of Identity and Migration Studies

Journal Article | 2019

The New Lost Boys of Sudan

Sarah Tobin

POMEPS Studies : Youth Politics in the Middle East and North Africa.

Journal Article | 2019

Emergency Urbanism in Sabra, Beirut.

Are John Knudsen

Public Anthropologist

CMI Brief | 2019

Turkey’s Humanitarian Diplomacy: The AKP Model

Meliha Benli Altunısık

Book Chapter | 2019

The Internal Protection Alternative and its Relation to Refugee Status

Jessica Schultz

Research Handbook on International Refugee Law

Report in External Series | 2019

The “CIA’s Army”: A Threat to Human Rights and an Obstacle to Peace in Afghanistan

Astri Suhrke and Antonio De Lauri

CMI Brief | 2019

Priorities and challenges of Qatar’s Humanitarian Diplomacy

Sultan Barakat

Journal Article | 2019

The Taliban and the humanitarian soldier: Configurations of freedom and humanity in Afghanistan

Antonio De Lauri


Newspaper Op-Ed | 2019

Seksuell vold skremmer ikke Sudans kvinner fra gatedemonstasjoner

Liv Tønnessen

CMI Report | 2019

Turkish foreign policy: structures and decision-making processes

Siri Neset, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Mustafa Aydın, Kadir Has University, Hasret Dikici Bilgin, Istanbul Bilgi University, Metin Gürcan, Episteme Turkey, Arne Strand, Chr. Michelsen Institute

CMI Report | 2019

Turkey`s international relations

Siri Neset, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Metin Gürcan, Episteme Turkey, Hasret Dikici Bilgin, Istanbul Bilgi University, Mustafa Aydin, Kadir Has University, Arne Strand

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