Book Chapter | 2019

The Judicialisation of Politics in Latin America

Bruce M. Wilson,Camila Gianella

Routledge Handbook of Law and Society in Latin America

Journal Article | 2019

Vulnerable populations and the right to health: lessons from the Peruvian Amazon around tuberculosis control

Camila Gianella

International Journal for Equity in Health

CMI Brief | 2019

The perfect enemy: From migrants to sexual minorities

Siri Gloppen,Lise Rakner

CMI Report | 2019

Gendercide and marginalisation – An initial review of the knowledge base

Vibeke Wang, Magnus Hatlebakk, Liv Tønnessen, Ottar Mæstad, Kari Telle

Impact Series | 2019

Changing the public narrative: The case of forced sterilizations in Peru

Åse Johanne Roti Dahl

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2019

Den gode «fiende»: Fra flyktninger til seksuelle minoriteter

Lise Rakner

CMI Brief | 2019

Why campaigns to stop child marriage can backfire

Ragnhild L. Muriaas, Vibeke Wang, Lindsay J. Benstead, Boniface Dulani, Lise Rakner

CMI Report | 2019

Barns rettigheter i Norge - en måling

Malcolm Langford og Tori Loven Kirkebø

Journal Article | 2019

Overcoming the Limits of Legal Opportunity Structures: LGBT Rights’ Divergent Paths in Costa Rica and Colombia

Bruce M. Wilson,Camila Gianella

Latin American Politics and Society.

Newspaper Op-Ed | 2019

Det farligste stedet å være kvinne er i eget hjem

Liv Tønnsessen

Book Chapter | 2019

Introduction: Implementing Child Rights

Malcolm Langford, Marit Skivenes, Karl Harald Søvig and Tori Loven Kirkebø

Children's Rights in Norway An Implementation Paradox?

Book Chapter | 2019


Inger Aasgaard and Malcolm Langford

Children's Rights in Norway An Implementation Paradox?

Book Chapter | 2019

Children’s Rights’ Indexes: Measuring Norway’s Performance

Malcolm Langford and Tori Loven Kirkebø

Children's Rights in Norway An Implementation Paradox?

Edited Book | 2019

Children's Rights in Norway

Malcolm Langford, Marit Skivenes and Karl Harald Søvig (eds.)

Blog post | 2019

The long fight against impunity for gender-based violence in Haiti

Marianne Tøraasen

Journal Article | 2019

Access to What? Legal Agency and Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

Daniel M. Brinks

The Journal of Development Studies

Book Chapter | 2019

The implementation record of truth commissions’ recommendations in Latin America

Elin Skaar

The Global Legacy of Truth Commissions

Book | 2019

The Internal Protection Alternative in Refugee Law: Treaty basis and scope of application under the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol

Jessica Schultz

Book Review | 2018

Anita Ferrara, Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Truth Commissions: The Chilean Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Historical Perspective ( Abingdon, Routledge, 2015) 258pp

Elin Skaar

The Irish Yearbook of International Law 2016-17

CMI Brief | 2018

Love in Law – The Indian Supreme Court decides in favour of LGBT persons

Vikram Kolmannskog

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