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Report in External Series | 2020

Interim Governance Arrangements in Post-Conflict and Fragile Settings

This report provides an understanding of how temporary governance during major political transitions is structured and how it works in practice. Interim governance arrangements are the exercise of public power...
Robert Forster (2020)
Stockholm: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (Edinburgh Dialogues on Post-Conflict Constitution Building) 45 p.
Journal Article | 2019

Local power dynamics and petty corruption in Burundi

Based on five months’ field research in two districts of Burundi (Bukeye and Mabayi), this case study analyses tax collectors’ rationales and informal practices during their interactions with citizens. The...
Guillaume Nicaise (2019)
in Journal of Eastern African Studies vol. 13 no. 4 pp. 698-717
Doctoral Thesis | 2018

L'Afrique des Grands Lacs (Rwanda, Burundi) à l'heure des réformes de bonne gouvernance: ethnographie comparative d'un "travelling model"

By analyzing the appropriation process of good governance norms (civil participation, transparency, accountability and the fight against corruption) by civil servants in Rwanda and Burundi, this thesis try to assess...
Guillaume Nicaise (2018)
Ph.D in Socio-anthropology.
Journal Article | 2018

Petite corruption et situations de pluralisme normatif au Burundi

Cet article restitue et analyse les pratiques des percepteurs d’impôt et des élus locaux au Burundi. Pour mieux comprendre le fonctionnement de l’état au niveau local, les observations participantes réalisées...
Guillaume Nicaise (2018)
in Afrique Contemporaine vol. 2018/02 no. 266 pp. 193 - 2013
CMI Insight | 2017

Taxing the urban boom: property taxation in Africa

The growth of Africa’s towns and cities has outpaced local governments’ capacity for service delivery in terms of management, infrastructure, and financing. As a result, many African towns and cities...
Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Merima Ali, Tom Goodfellow (2017)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Insight no. 1) 8 p.
U4 Issue | 2016

Specialised anti-corruption courts: A comparative mapping

Frustration with the capacity of the ordinary machinery of justice to deal adequately with corruption has prompted many countries to develop specialised anti-corruption institutions. While anti-corruption agencies with investigative and/or...
Sofie Arjon Schütte, Matthew C. Stephenson (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2016:7) 28 p
Book Chapter | 2015

Évaluation de la performance des collectivités décentralisées : Une étude comparée

This article explores the performance evaluation of decentralized entities within the decentralization framework in Rwanda and Burundi. The analysis shows the evaluation results, but also the normative impact of this...
Guillaume Nicaise (2015)
in L'Afrique des Grands Lacs: annuaire 2014-2015. pp. 393- 411
Book Chapter | 2006


The Netherlands have over the period 2000-2004 provided 1,2 billion for humanitarian aid, which was implemented by UN agencies, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and non-governmental organisations. The...
Arne Strand and Gunnar Olesen (2006)
in Dutch Humanitarian Assistance. An Evaluation. Hague: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Policy and Operations Evaluation Department pp.113-154
CMI Report | 1998

Boikott til hvilken pris? Barns situasjon i Irak og Burundi

This report, commissioned by Save the Children, Norway, discusses the impact of international sanctions on children's situation in Iraq and Burundi. The report recognises that sanctions raise the ethical question...
Mona Dia (1998)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 1998:4) 37 p.
Commissioned Report | 1998

Norwegian assistance to countries in conflict: the lesson of experience from Guatemala, Mali, Mozambique, Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi

(Evaluation Report 11.98)
Gunnar M. Sørbø et al. (1998)
Oslo: MFA
CMI Report | 1997

NGOs in conflict- an evaluation of International Alert

This evaluation of International Alert (IA) - an international NGO based in London, working to prevent and resolve conflict in developing countries and parts of the former Soviet Union -...
Gunnar M. Sørbø, Joanna Macrae and Lennart Wohlgemuth (1997)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 1997:6) 258 p.