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Newspaper Op-Ed | 2019

Europas nye grensevakter

Er vi med på å støtte en utvikling som sender enda flere flyktninger til Europa? Gunnar Sørbø, in Bergens Tidende, 05.05.19 Over en million migranter krysset Middelhavet under flyktningkrisen i 2015. 850,000 av...
Gunnar M. Sørbø (2019)
Bergens Tidende 05.05.19
Book Chapter | 2017

Forming the 2012 and 2013 constituent assemblies: A comparative process

A comparative analysis of the formation of Egypt's constituent assemblies from 2012 and 2013. After President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011, discussions followed immediately regarding the revision of the...
Diana Serodio, Robert Forster (2017)
in Cornelis Hulsman: The 2014 Egyptian Constitution: Perspectives from Egypt. Marburg: Tectum Verlag pp. 37-50
CMI Report | 2017

Legal Reform and Women’s Rights in Lebanese Personal Status Laws

This report documents and analyzes two recent major reforms in Lebanese law whose purpose is to further gender equality for women in Lebanon: (I) the alteration of the Sunni personal...
Dima Dabbous (2017)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2017:3) 40 p.
CMI Brief | 2017

Paper tiger law forbidding FGM in Sudan

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is still a common practice in Sudan. Nine out of ten women have been subjected to this practice. In 2009, a proposed ban on FGM in the...
Liv Tønnessen, Samia El-Nagar, Sharifa Bamkar (2017)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 16 no. 7) 4 p.
Journal Article | 2017

Veiled nannies and secular futures in France

This article focuses on recent French efforts to expand legal regulation of religious symbols to childcare. Controversies over ‘veiled nannies’ serve as points of departure for investigating laïcité – French...
Christine M. Jacobsen (2017)
in Ethnos
Journal Article | 2017

Kriser og kriger – er det bruk for oss nå?

Kriser og kriger – er det bruk for oss nå? - Nr 01 - 2017 - Norsk antropologisk tidsskrift - Idunn - tidsskrifter på nett // <![CDATA[ var module = 'article'; var...
Gunnar Sørbø (2017)
Norsk antropologisk tidsskrift
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2017

Papirtigere beskytter ikke mot kjønnslemlestelse i Sudan

I store deler av Sudan er kjønnslemlestelse av jenter fremdeles vanlig. Ni av ti kvinner er omskåret. I 2008 satte aktivister, media og sivilsamfunnet i Sudan kjønnslemlestelse på dagsordenen. Det...
Liv Tønnessen (2017)
Bistandsaktuelt 26.01.2017
CMI Report | 2016

Unfulfilled hopes. The quest for a minimum marriage age in Yemen, 2009–2014

The project Women’s Human Rights and Law Reform in the Muslim World seeks to map family and criminal law reforms in the period 1995-2015 in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco,...
Anne K. Bang (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2016:3)
Edited Book | 2016

Businessmen in Arms: How the Military and Other Armed Groups Profit in the MENA Region

The Arab Uprisings have brought renewed attention to the role of the military in the MENA region, where they are either the backbone of regime power or a crucial part...
Elke Grawert and Zeinab Abul-Magd (eds.) (2016)
Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 334 p.
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2015

Egypt’s Military Business: The Need for Change

In today's Egypt, you cannot miss it: the heavy presence of the military institution in the economy. The Egyptian military owns business enterprises that are in almost every sector and...
Zeinab Abul-Magd (2015)
CMI Working Paper | 2015

Custodians of social peace or contenders in a popularity contest? The Egyptian Armed Forces and Egypt’s Coptic Christians

This report analyses current and past relations between the Egyptian Coptic Christian community and the Egyptian Armed Forces, discussing contemporary events on the backdrop of historical analysis. Based on a...
Lars Gunnar Christiansen (2015)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2015:4)
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2015

Ingen trygg havn for palestinske flyktninger fra Syria

Ingen trygg havn for palestinske flyktninger Kjersti Berg En Palestinsk flyktning fra Syria kan ikke pa° lovlig vis søke trygghet over grensen i nabolandene. Hun møter stengte dører hvor hun vender...
Kjersti G. Berg (2015)
Infofada 20.11.2015
CMI Insight | 2014

Military trials in Egypt: 2011-2014

The use of military tribunals to try civilians was one of the issues that made people rise against then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. This CMI Insight investigates the...
Heather McRobie (2014)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Insight no. 10) 5 p.
CMI Insight | 2014

Sexual violence and state violence against women in Egypt, 2011-2014

Egyptian women were crucial to the movement that overthrew Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in the 2011 revolution. However, both in the revolutionary and post-revolutionary period women have also become targets...
Heather McRobie, (2014)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Insight no. 7) 4 p.
CMI Report | 2014

Food securities and social conflict

Following rising food prices violent ‘food riots’ took place in about 40 countries around the globe in 2007-2008. These developments have led to renewed interest among both scholars and policymakers...
Johan Helland, Gunnar M. Sørbø (2014)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2014:01) 25 p.
CMI Insight | 2014

Egypt's constitutional cul-de-sac: Enabling military oversight and a security state in a nominally democratic order

Egyptians began 2014 being summoned back to the polls for the third time in three years on a constitutional matter. This time, as in the past two polls (and indeed, all such...
Nathan J. Brown (2014)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Insight 2014 no. 1) 7 p.
Edited Book | 2014

Popular Protest in the New Middle East: Islamism and Post-Islamist Politics

The Arab Spring represents a tectonic shift in Middle East from austere authoritarianism to opening the space for long repressed Islamist movements to seek elected office and political power. Examining...
Are Knudsen and Basem Ezbidi (2014)
I.B. Tauris
CMI Insight | 2013

The Egyptian military in politics and the economy: Recent history and current transition status

The Egyptian military has been playing a decisive role in national politics since the eruption of the 2011 uprisings. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) governed the country from February 2011...
Dr. Zeinab Abul-Magd (2013)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Insight vol. 2013 no. 2) 6 p.
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2013

Å være sin mann lydig

å gi arabiske kvinner like politiske rettigheter er ikke nok for å sikre kvinners deltakelse, når hun samtidig er offer for diskriminerende familielover.
Liv Tønnessen og Ragnhild Muriaas (2013)
Bergens Tidende October 19 2013
Journal Article | 2013

Hamas and the Arab Spring: Introduction

The Arab Spring is a critical juncture for examining Hamas, a movement created in the context of a popular revolt (against Israeli occupation) similar to those that have reverberated throughout...
Frode Løvlie, Are John Knudsen (2013)
in Middle East Policy vol. 20 no. 3 pp. 56-59