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Book | 2019

Corruption, évitement fiscal, blanchiment dans le secteur extractif: de l'art de jouer avec le droit

Le pétrole, le gaz et les minerais sont des ressources indispensables pour le bon fonctionnement de nos économies et sont très convoitées. Elles sont ainsi particulièrement propices à l’émergence de...
Sophie Lemaître (2019)
Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes (L'univers des normes)
U4 Issue | 2019

Beyond the work permit quotas. Corruption and other barriers to labour integration for Syrian refugees in Jordan

In 2016, the Jordanian government began issuing work permits for Syrian refugees through the Ministry of Labor and cooperating labour associations. Despite its successes on some fronts, reliance on intermediaries...
Sarah Tobin, Maisam Alahmed (2019)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2019:4)
Journal Article | 2019

Illicit financial flows within the extractive industries sector: a glance at how legal requirements can be manipulated and diverted

The extractive industries sector is considered to be one of the most prone to illicit financial flows. To date, numerous instruments at the national, regional and international level have been...
Sophie Lemaître (2019)
in Crime, Law and Social Change vol. 71 no. 1 pp. 107-128
Report in External Series | 2018

Mid-term evaluation of Swedish government funded civil society support through the AGIR II programme in Mozambique 2014-2020

This report presents findings, conclusions and recommendations from the Mid-term Evaluation of Swedish government funded Civil Society support through the AGIR II Programme in Mozambique. The Swedish support to civil...
Inge Tvedten (2018)
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida Decentralised Evaluation no. 2018:8) 115 p.
Report in External Series | 2018

From Donors to Partners? Evaluation of Norwegian Support to Strengthen Civil Society in Developing Countries through Norwegian Civil Society Organisations

This report in two volumes presents the findings, conclusions, lessons learnt and recommendations of an evaluation of the Norwegian civil society grant administered by Norad. The objectives of the evaluation...
Elling N Tjønneland, Svein-Erik Helle, Stein-Erik Kruse, Ingela Ternstrôm, Bjørn Ternstrôm, Yeraswork Admassie, Kanta Singh, Elizabeth Bamwine, Espen Villanger (2018)
Oslo: Norad - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Evaluation Department Reports no. 1/2018) pp. 1-63 + 1-134
CMI Brief | 2016

Women in Local Government. A Potential Arena for Women’s Substantive Representation

Local government is an important avenue for getting practical experience in participating in politics before moving on to the national arena. Advocates of decentralisation argue that it opens up avenues...
Asiyati Lorraine Chiweza (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 15 no. 13) 4 p.
CMI Working Paper | 2015

Employee referral, social proximity and worker discipline: Theory and Evidence from India

We develop a new theory of employee referrals into informal low - and unskilled jobs in developing country labour markets. Employers use social preferences between referees and new recruits to...
Amrita Dhillon, Vegard Iversen and Gaute Torsvik (2015)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2015:1) 39 p.
U4 Issue | 2015

Financial intermediaries – Anti-money laundering allies in cash-based societies?

Many informal cash-based economies run parallel financial systems that are very different to the Western banking concept. Such countries are perceived to have a high risk of money laundering. Looking...
Nikos Passas (2015)
Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2015:10) 30 p.
Report in External Series | 2014

Added costs. Added value? Evaluation of Norwegian support through and to umbrella and network organisations in civil society

About five per cent of Norwegian support to civil society organisations is channelled via Norwegian umbrella and network organisations. These organisations serve as an intermediary between Norad and civil society...
Svend Erik Sørensen, Siri Lange, Lisbet Kontula, Gana Pati Ojha, Dampu N. Ndenzako (2014)
Oslo: Norad no. 5/2014 148 p.
CMI Working Paper | 2011

Traditional market institutions and complex change: Exploring transition and change in the Bangladesh rice market

This study explores the hitherto unaddressed question of how the large, complex paddy‐rice market in Bangladesh is able to solve the problem of complex exchange, faced in particular by the...
K A S Murshid (2011)
Dhaka: Centre for Policy Dialogue and Chr. Michelsen Institute (CPD‐CMI Working Paper 1) 22 p.
Journal Article | 2010

Networks, middlemen and other (urban) labour market mysteries

The purpose of this paper is to explore the roles of social networks and intermediares in recruitment and as instruments to control the workforce in lower end urban labour markets...
Vegard Iversen and Gaute Torsvik (2010)
in Indian Growth and Development Review vol. 3 no. 1 pp. 62-80
CMI Report | 2004

Coffee, co-operatives and competition: The impact of fair trade

Coffee is one of the most important Third World export commodities, and 70% of the producers are small-scale farmers. Coffee producers are often poor and marginalised, and their situation is...
Anna Milford (2004)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2004: 6) 76 p.
CMI Working Paper | 2004

Risk and disintermediation in tourism

Tourism is an information-intensive market, characterised by asymmetric information between service providers and the customer. Intermediaries have traditionally played an important role as certifiers of products, and the revenue retention...
Arne Wiig (2004)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2004: 6) 19 p.
Journal Article | 2003

Developing countries and the tourist industry in the internet age: The case of Namibia

UNCTAD claims that the development of tourism may be one of the most valuable avenues for reducing the marginalisation of least developed countries (LDCs) in the global economy and that...
Arne Wiig (2003)
in Forum for Development Studies vol. 30 no. 1 pp. 59-87
CMI Working Paper | 1996

Deforestation and entrpeneurship in the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

Deforestation is a global environment concern, but the underlying processes vary across regions and countries. In Pakistan the threat to forests and biodiversity does not come primarily from local farmers,...
Are Knudsen (1996)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 1996:11) 16 p.
CMI Report | 1992

Negotiating the "in-between". Modernizing practices and identities in post-colonial Tunisia

The study focuses on the Tunisian post-colonial process of modernization and its effects on Tunisians of different generations, gender, and educational backgrounds. Interviews with illiterates as well as university graduates...
Marit Tjomsland (1992)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 1992:10) 201 p.