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CMI Report | 2020

Household wellbeing and coping strategies in Africa during COVID-19 – Findings from high frequency phone surveys

This report provides data on household wellbeing in countries in sub-Saharan Africa following the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus is on employment and income, food security, and coping mechanisms, and on access to education...
Carlo Koos, Peter Hangoma, Ottar Mæstad (2020)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report 2020:4) 32 p.
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2019

Europas nye grensevakter

Er vi med på å støtte en utvikling som sender enda flere flyktninger til Europa? Gunnar Sørbø, in Bergens Tidende, 05.05.19 Over en million migranter krysset Middelhavet under flyktningkrisen i 2015. 850,000 av...
Gunnar M. Sørbø (2019)
Bergens Tidende 05.05.19
Journal Article | 2017

Which Grievances Make People Support Violence against the State? Survey Evidence from the Niger Delta

Previous research has established a link between oil production and armed conflict in low- and middle-income countries. Oil-related grievances are viewed as a key variable driving resentment and antistate attitudes....
Carlo Koos (2017)
in International Interactions vol. 44 no. 3 pp. 437-462
Journal Article | 2016

The Effects of Oil Production and Ethnic Representation on Violent Conflict in Nigeria: A Mixed-Methods Approach

A large qualitative literature on violent conflict in Nigeria has identified the importance of oil production and ethnicity as salient factors in understanding violence, especially in the oil-rich Niger Delta....
Carlo Koos, Jan Pierskalla (2016)
in Terrorism and Political Violence vol. 28 no. 5 pp. 888-911
Journal Article | 2013

Does Uranium Mining Increase Civil Conflict Risk? Evidence from a Spatiotemporal Analysis of Africa from 1960 to 2008

We investigate whether uranium, similar to other resources, is associated with armed conflicts. The analysis uses grid cells in Africa to test this hypothesis. Results from logistic regressions reveal that...
Carlo Koos, Matthias Basedau (2013)
in Civil Wars vol. 15 no. 3 pp. 306-331
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2013

Begrunnet afrikansk motstand

Vestlige land bør være mer ydmyke overfor afrikanske lederes evne til å rydde opp på eget kontinent. I forrige uke holdt afrikanske statsledere et ekstraordinært møte i hovedkvarteret til Den afrikanske union...
Gunnar M. Sørbø (2013)
Morgenbladet 18.10
Book Chapter | 2001

Fishing at home and abroad: Access to waters in Niger's Central Delta and the effects of work migration

Eyolf Jul-Larsen and Bréhima Kassibo (2001)
in Tor A. Benjaminsen and Christian Lund (eds.): Politics, property and production in the West African Sahel. Understanding natural resources management. Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute pp. 208-232