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Journal Article | 2020

Midlertidig og evig: UNRWA og det palestinske flyktningespørsmålet

Humanitær bistand er aldri apolitisk. Siden FNs hjelpeorganisasjon for palestinske flyktninger (UNRWA) ble oprettet i 1949, har den blitt tillagt motiver og egenskaper som går utover mandatet. Hva kan UNRWA...
Kjersti G. Berg (2020)
in Babylon: Norsk Tidskrift for Midtøstenstudier no. 1 pp. 34-49
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2020

Korona i Israel og Palestina: Ett virus, tre systemer

Kjersti G. Berg (2020)
Bistandsaktuelt 25 mars 2020
Journal Article | 2019

The Limits of Law: Abortion in the Middle East and Northern Africa

Irene Maffi and Liv Tønnessen (2019)
in Health and Human Rights Journal vol. 21 no. 2 pp. 1-6
Journal Article | 2018

The Great Escape? Converging Refugee Crises in Tyre, Lebanon

This article analyses the convergence of two refugee crises, Palestine (1948-present) and Syria (2012-present), having brought old and new refugees into close, and increasingly, conflictual contact. While the former settled...
Are John Knudsen (2018)
in Refugee Survey Quarterly vol. 37 no. 1 pp. 96-115
Report in External Series | 2017

Country Evaluation Brief: Palestine

The Occupied Palestinian Territories is one of the world’s most aid-dependent countries. Despite overall levels of aid falling since 2009, the Territories remain one of the world’s largest per capita...
Are John Knudsen, Alaa Tartir (2017)
Country Evaluation Brief, Palestine
U4 Issue | 2016

Specialised anti-corruption courts: A comparative mapping

Frustration with the capacity of the ordinary machinery of justice to deal adequately with corruption has prompted many countries to develop specialised anti-corruption institutions. While anti-corruption agencies with investigative and/or...
Sofie Arjon Schütte, Matthew C. Stephenson (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2016:7) 28 p
Edited Book | 2015

Palestinian refugees: Identity, space and place in the Levant (Arabic edition)

More than four million Palestinian refugees live in protracted exile across the Middle East. Taking a regional approach to Palestinian refugee exile and alienation across the Levant, this book proposes...
Jaber Suleiman, Are Knudsen and Sari Hanafi (2015)
Doha, Qatar: The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies
Commissioned Report | 2014

Review report: Al-Miftah

This report reviews the organisational performance of the Palestinian NGOAl-Miftah over a three period (2011–13). The report is based on field interviews in Ramallah with staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries and...
Are John Knudsen and Kjetil Selvik (2014)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Commissioned by Norad)
Commissioned Report | 2014

Review report: Al-Haq

This report reviews the organisational performance of the Palestinian NGOAl-Haq over a three period (2011–13). The report is based on field interviews in Ramallah with staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries and...
Kjetil Selvik and Are John Knudsen (2014)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Commissioned by Norad)
Journal Article | 2014

Questioning the Secular-Religious Cleavage in Palestinian Politics: Comparing Fatah and Hamas

Following the 2007 war between Fatah and Hamas, Palestinian politics appears to have followed the regional trend where the competition between secularism and Islamism is developing into a major political...
Frode Løvlie (2014)
in Politics and Religion vol. 7 no. 1 pp. 100-121
Edited Book | 2014

Popular Protest in the New Middle East: Islamism and Post-Islamist Politics

The Arab Spring represents a tectonic shift in Middle East from austere authoritarianism to opening the space for long repressed Islamist movements to seek elected office and political power. Examining...
Are Knudsen and Basem Ezbidi (2014)
I.B. Tauris
Journal Article | 2013

Hamas and the Arab Spring: Introduction

The Arab Spring is a critical juncture for examining Hamas, a movement created in the context of a popular revolt (against Israeli occupation) similar to those that have reverberated throughout...
Frode Løvlie, Are John Knudsen (2013)
in Middle East Policy vol. 20 no. 3 pp. 56-59
Journal Article | 2013

Explaining Hamas's Changing Electoral Strategy, 1996-2006

Hamas, the most influential Islamist party in the occupied Palestinian territories, replaced its strategy of electoral boycott in 1996 with participation in 2006 – a change not explained in the...
Frode Løvlie (2013)
in Government and Opposition vol. 48 no. 4 pp. 570-593
CMI Brief | 2012

Christians in Palestine: A threatened community?

Christian Palestinians constitute one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, and their presence in Palestine dates back to the Roman Era. In modern times, they have been instrumental in shaping a...
Bård Helge Kårtveit (2012)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 11 no. 8) 4 p.
CMI Brief | 2011

البحث عن قيادة فلسطينية

تزعم هذه الورقة أنه حتى لو تم تحقيق مصالح ناجحة بين حركتي فتح وحماس، فإنذلك لن يوفر للفلسطينيين القيادة التي يحتاجونها، حيث أن شرعيتهم الداخلية قدتآكلت جداً. وبدلاً من ذلك...
Frode Løvlie and Dr. Basem Ezbidi (2011)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 10 no. 6) 4 p.
CMI Brief | 2011

Islamic women's organisations on the West Bank

Islamic organisations’ role in improving women’s position in society is often dismissed. Instead, they are believed to be devoted to charitable work and entrench patriarchal structures in line with traditional...
Hilde Kjøstvedt (2011)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 10 no. 8) 4 p.
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2011

FN-søknaden kan gi håp for fremtiden

Søknad om medlemskap i FN kan gi Palestina sterkere kort på hånden, bl.a. i kravet om at 1967-grensene skal gjelde. Om det blir nei, kan statusen i FN oppgraderes fra...
Frode Løvlie (2011)
Bergens Tidende 17.09.2011
CMI Brief | 2011

In search of a Palestinian leadership

This brief argues that even a successful reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah will fall short of providing the leadership the Palestinians need. Their domestic legitimacy are simply too frayed. Instead it argues...
Frode Løvlie, Dr. Basem Ezbidi (2011)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 10 no. 6) 4 p.
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2011

Ungdommen på al-Manara

Hilde Granås Kjøstvedt (2011)
www.uriks.no 23.03.2011
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2011

Palestinsk forsoning

Etter fire år med blodig konflikt kan det se ut som om det går mot forsoning mellom Fatah og Hamas. Er det grunn til optimisme? Hvorfor skjer det nå? Hvordan...
Hilde Granås Kjøstvedt (2011)
Dagsavisen 03.05. 2011