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Journal Article | 2014

Lifetime QALY prioritarianism in priority setting: Quantification of the inherent trade-off

Background Multiple principles are relevant in priority setting, two of which are often considered particularly important. According to the greater benefit principle, resources should be directed toward the intervention with the...
Ottersen, T., O. Mæstad, and O. F. Norheim (2014)
in Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation vol. 12 no. 2
Journal Article | 2008

Distribution matters: Equity considerations among health planners in Tanzania

Background: Maximising health as the guiding principle for resource allocation in health has been challenged by concernsabout the distribution of health outcomes. There are few empirical studies that consider these...
Trygve Ottersen, Deogratius Mbilinyi, Ottar Mæstad, Ole Frithjof Norheim (2008)
in Health Policy vol. 18 pp. 218-227