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U4 Issue | 2016

Specialised anti-corruption courts: A comparative mapping

Frustration with the capacity of the ordinary machinery of justice to deal adequately with corruption has prompted many countries to develop specialised anti-corruption institutions. While anti-corruption agencies with investigative and/or...
Sofie Arjon Schütte, Matthew C. Stephenson (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2016:7) 28 p
Journal Article | 2016

Introduction: Performing the State

Seeking to expand the domain of the political beyond normative understandings of the state, the articles in this special edition examine the performative aspects of governance and state-making in Southeast...
Jeremy Kingsley and Kari Telle (2016)
in Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (BKI) vol. 172 no. 2-3 pp. 171-178
Report in External Series | 2016

Chasing civil society? Evaluation of Fredskorpset

The evaluation has assessed Fredskorpset's (FK Norway) approach and strategy when it comes to strengthening civil society in developing countries. This is one of FK Norway's overarching objectives and core...
Elling N Tjønneland, Stein-Erik Kruse, Johan Helland, Marit Norbakk (2016)
Oslo: Norad (Evaluation Department Reports no. Report 1/2016) 94 p.
Report in External Series | 2008

Aid Effectiveness to Infrastructure: A Comparative Study of East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa . Synthesis Paper

Responding to a renewed call for aid to economic infrastructure, the JBIC Institute launched a study on effectiveness of aid to infrastructure projects. While the analysis of the effectiveness of...
Alf Morten Jerve and Machiko Nissanke (2008)
Tokyo: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBICI Research Paper no. 36-4) 49 p.
Edited Book | 2008

Aid Relationships in Asia. Exploring Ownership in Japanese and Nordic Aid

This book offers fresh perspectives on the current aid effectiveness and aid relationship debates by focusing on the issue of ownership.  The book explores aid relationships from a recipient point...
Alf Morten Jerve, Yasutami Shimomura and Annette Skovsted Hansen (Eds.) (2008)
Houndsmille, Basingstoke/ N.Y.: Palgrave MacMillan 237 p.
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2006

Dialog er Nøkkelen til Integrasjon

Den norske innvandrerdebatten er polarisert. Som en konsekvens av dette får personer med svart-hvitt fremstillinger av det å være muslimsk innvandrer i Norge mye plass i media. Polariseringen fremmedgjør store...
Liv Tønnessen og Anne Sofie Roald (2006)
Klassekampen 03.10.2006
Book Chapter | 1994

Asiatiske identiteter: stat og nasjon i Sørøst Asia

The chapter discusses how the five main countries of Southeast Asia have handled the pressures of rapid economic growth and ethnic relations. Has growth and development contributed towards a greater...
Hugo Stokke and Tor Skålnes (1994)
in Gjerdåker, Svein, Tor Skålnes & Terje Tvedt: Nasjonalstaten under press?. Bergen/ Oslo: CMI/ Cappelen pp. 259-279
Journal Article | 1993

Asias gamle (og unge) drager

Article appraising the growth and development of three countries in the Southeast Asian region: Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia
Hugo Stokke (1993)
in Tidens Tegn vol. 1 no. 1 pp. 36-38