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Journal Article | 2014

Environmental resource collection: implications for children's schooling in Tigray, northern Ethiopia

This paper examines the adverse effect of natural resources scarcity on children's schooling and the possible gender bias of resource collection work against girls' schooling. It uses cross-sectional data on...
Bahre Gebru, Sosina Bezu (2014)
in Environment and Development Economics vol. 19 no. 2 pp. 182-200
Journal Article | 2008

Can food-for-work encourage agricultural production?

Food-for-work (FFW) is the most widely used type of public works program in Ethiopia through which a high share of the food aid is distributed. This paper assesses the impacts...
Sosina Bezu, Stein Holden (2008)
in Food Policy vol. 33 no. 6 541-549 p.
CMI Report | 2005

Review of the Norwegian Development Fund Portfolio in Ethiopia

This report reviews the Ethiopian portfolio of the Development Fund (DF), a Norwegian NGO, which has evolved from supporting relief work by one Tigrayan organisation in the 1980s to supporting...
Ann Waters-Bayer, Arne Tostensen and Yohannes GebreMichael (2005)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2005: 16) 77 p.
Book Chapter | 2002

Expressions of control, fear and devotion: The elections in Mekelle and Wukro, Tigray region

Lovise Aalen (2002)
in Siegfried Pausewang et al. (eds.): Ethiopia since the Derg: A decade of democratic pretension and performance. London: Zed Books pp. 83-99
Book Chapter | 2000

Expressionss of control, fear and devotion: The elections in Mekelle and Wukro, Tigray region

(Human rights report no 3/2000)
Lovise Aalen (2000)
in Siegfried Pausewang and Kjetil Tronvoll (eds.): The Ethiopian 2000 elections. Oslo: Norwegian Institute of Human Rights pp. 81-96