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Book | Sep 2020

Fishers, Monks and Cadres: Navigating State, Religion and the South China Sea in Central Vietnam, co-published by NIAS Press and the University of Hawai'i Press (Paperback February 2021)

This remarkable and timely ethnography explores how fishing communities living on the fringe of the South China Sea in central Vietnam interact with state and religious authorities as well as...
Edyta Roszko (2020)
NIAS Press and the University of Hawai'i Press
Journal Article | Jul 2020

Fighting Wildlife Trafficking: An Overview of the EU’s Implementation of Its Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking

Illegal wildlife trade is one of the most profitable criminal activities. Illegal wildlife usually comes from African and Asian countries, with destination countries including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore. However,...
Sophie Lemaître; Nathalie Hervé-Fournereau (2020)
in Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy vol. 23 no. 1 pp. 62-81
Report in External Series | May 2020

Evaluation of Sida’s Model for Bilateral Research Cooperation

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide an overall assessment of the extent to which Sida’s model for bilateral research cooperation builds research capacity in low-income countries. The assessment...
Inge Tvedten (Team Leader), Raphaëlle Bisiaux, Adam Pain, Arne Tostensen, Panith Chou, Catherine Ngugi, Rodrigo Paz and Fredrik Åström (2020)
Stockholm: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida Evaluation)
Journal Article | 2019

Will REDD+ safeguards mitigate corruption? Qualitative evidence from Southeast Asia

High levels of faith and finance have been invested in REDD+ as a promising global climate change mitigation policy. Since its inception in 2007, corruption has been viewed as a...
Aled Williams, Kendra Dupuy (2019)
in The Journal of Development Studies vol. 55 no. 10 pp. 2129-2144
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2019

Evalueringer – se til Sverige

Evalueringer har få venner – men de fleste i bistandsbransjen erkjenner at de er nødvendige. Utenriksdepartementet og Norad – som de fleste andre institusjoner – liker egentlig ikke å bli kikket...
Inge Tvedten (2019)
Bistandsaktuelt Mai 2019
Journal Article | 2019

A Triad of Confrontation: State Discipline, Buddhist Purification, and Indiscipline as a Local Strategy in Central Vietnam

In the village of Sa Huỳnh, state, fishers, and Buddhist clergy draw from semiotic ideologies but often employ a common political language, rarely agreeing on its meaning. Highlighting different structural...
Edyta Roszko (2019)
in Journal of Contemporary Ethnography vol. 48 no. 2 pp. 183-208
Journal Article | 2017

Fishermen and Territorial Anxieties in China and Vietnam: Narratives of the South China Sea beyond the Nation Frame

In the geopolitical conflict over the South China Sea (SCS), fishers are at the center of Chinese and Vietnamese cartographic imaginations that define the sea as either “Chinese” or “Vietnamese”...
Edyta Roszko (2017)
in Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review vol. 6 no. 1 pp. 20-51
Book Chapter | 2016

Geographies of connection and disconnection: Narratives of seafaring in Ly Son

Edyta Roszko (2016)
in Philip Taylor: Connected and Disconnected in Vietnam: Remaking Social Relationships in a Post-socialist Nation. Canberra: Australian National University Press pp. 347-377
U4 Issue | 2016

Development success in perspective: A political economy of REDD+ and corruption in Vietnam

Vietnam has become a key target for donor REDD+ investments. It has been estimated that the forest and climate scheme could generate an annual income of between USD 80-100 million,...
Thu Ba Huynh (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2016:1) 45 p
U4 Issue | 2015

Corruption and wildlife trafficking

Wildlife trafficking is a growing global concern. It takes place in all regions of the world with those nations with high biodiversity being the source and the consumers of the...
Tanya Wyatt, Anh Ngoc Cao (2015)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2015:11) 54 p.
Journal Article | 2015

Maritime Territorialisation as Performance of Sovereignty and Nationhood in the South China Sea

The South China Sea (SCS) is a conflict‐ridden international arena of rivalry between China, the USA, India, and the other ASEAN countries over sovereignty, resources and security. In this geopolitical...
Edyta Roszko (2015)
in vol. 21 no. 2 pp. 230-249
Journal Article | 2012

From Spiritual Houses to National Shrines: Religious Traditions and Nation-Building in Vietnam

Edyta Roszko (2012)
in East Asia: An International Quarterly vol. 29 no. 1 pp. 25-41
Book Chapter | 2011

Why multi-stakeholder groups succeed and fail

Theories of corruption incidence hold that sectors with a high degree of complexity are particularly prone to corruption because it is difficult for outsiders to effectively monitor service delivery (Klitgaard,...
Tina Søreide and Rory Truex (2011)
in Susan Rose-Ackerman and Tina Søreide : The International Handbook on the Economics of Corruption . Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar pp. 478-498
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2010

Afghanistans Pentagon papers

Wikileaks-lekkasjen viser at USA og de allierte fører en krig de taper, slik avsløringene om Vietnamkrigen viste på 70-tallet. RAPPORTENE FRA AFGHANISTAN som ble lastet ned fra amerikanske militærservere og lekket...
Astri Suhrke (2010)
Dagbladet 26.07.2010.
Journal Article | 2010

Commemoration and the State: Memory and Legitimacy in Vietnam

The commemorations of historical figures, both public and private, have become a powerful tool for politicians and historians in Vietnam to reconfigure the past, national heroes, and revolutionary martyrs. One...
Edyta Roszko (2010)
in Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia vol. 25 no. 1 pp. 1-28
Report in External Series | 2008

Aid Effectiveness to Infrastructure: A Comparative Study of East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa . Synthesis Paper

Responding to a renewed call for aid to economic infrastructure, the JBIC Institute launched a study on effectiveness of aid to infrastructure projects. While the analysis of the effectiveness of...
Alf Morten Jerve and Machiko Nissanke (2008)
Tokyo: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBICI Research Paper no. 36-4) 49 p.
Edited Book | 2008

Aid Relationships in Asia. Exploring Ownership in Japanese and Nordic Aid

This book offers fresh perspectives on the current aid effectiveness and aid relationship debates by focusing on the issue of ownership.  The book explores aid relationships from a recipient point...
Alf Morten Jerve, Yasutami Shimomura and Annette Skovsted Hansen (Eds.) (2008)
Houndsmille, Basingstoke/ N.Y.: Palgrave MacMillan 237 p.
Commissioned Report | 2003

Rural development in the coastal areas of Trieu Phong District, Quang Tri Province: Mid-term review May 2003

Alf Morten Jerve, Ragnhild Overå et al. (2003)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Commissioned by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Hanoi) 60 p. (Project supported by NORAD)
Commissioned Report | 2003

Evaluation of the comprehensive development framework (CDF) : Vietnam case study

(Commissioned, restricted, limited circulation)
Alf Morten Jerve, Ray Mallon, Keiko Nishino, Han Manh Tien and Laura Kullenberg (2003)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute 100 p.