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Sudan Brief | 2020

Agricultural development and food Security in Sudan as seen from Kassala State

Any success achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 – zero hunger – relies on sustainable systems for food production and sound agricultural policies. Kassala State in Eastern Sudan is an interesting...
Samia Mohamed Nour, Eltayeb Mohamedain (2020)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Sudan Brief 2020:4) 4 p.
Sudan Brief | 2020

Food Insecurity in Sudan as seen from Kassala State

Sudan’s commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 – zero hunger – can turn out to be even more challenging than anyone had bargained for. Due to prolonged conflict, environmental...
Samia Mohamed Nour, Eltayeb Mohamedain (2020)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Sudan Brief 2020:3) 4 p.
CMI Brief | 2016

Marginalisation and Poverty in Rural Malanje, Angola

Rural Angola has gone through decades of hardships with war and economic marginalisation – culminating with the current economic crisis. This brief is about ten rural communities in the province...
Inge Tvedten, Gilson Lázaro (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 15 no. 18) 4 p.
CMI Working Paper | 2015

Labor-intensive jobs for women and development: Intrahousehold welfare effects and its transmission channels

We examine the welfare impacts of women getting low-skilled jobs and find large positive effects, both at the household and the individual level. However, the women workers, their husbands and...
Tigabu D. Getahun, Espen Villanger (2015)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2015:15)
Doctoral Thesis | 2012

The ways of maize. Food, poverty, policy and the politics of meaning among the Chewa of Malawi

This ethnographically grounded study of Chewa people’s foodways traces the involvement of the Chewa people in global development politics and policy processes. With the aim of understanding how development interventionist...
Mzamu, Jessica Jemima (2012)
Dissertation for the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD), University of Bergen. Bergen: The Univ. of Bergen 321 p.
Journal Article | 2011

Eating rice during Passover: Notes on Sephardic Egyptian

Hunger stimulates memory; when people become hungry they remember food. But there is more to memory than that: to remember may also be to make a stand against dehumanization. The...
Nefissa Naguib (2011)
in KULT vol. 8 no. 1
CMI Report | 2008

"How can the Elections Help us Quell Hunger?" Mid-Term Review of Norwegian Support to UNDP's Trust Fund for Civic Education

This report is the mid-term review of UNDPs trust fund for civic education in Angola. The trust fund was set up in late 2006, with support from the embassies of...
Aslak Orre and Christian Larssen, with inputs from Manolo Sánchez (2008)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2008: 10) 38 pp p.
Journal Article | 2007

Vannmeloner under sengen: Armenere i Kairo minnes mat og sult. (Water Melons under the bed: Armenians in Cairo remembering food and hunger)

Nefissa Naguib (2007)
in ARR: Idéhistorisk Tidsskrift (Norwegian Journal of the history of ideas) vol. 2 no. 3
CMI Report | 2004

SADC in 2003: Restructuring and progress in regional integration

The present desk study was commissioned by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. It traces recent developments in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), organisational restructuring and progress in regional...
Jan Isaksen (2004)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2004: 3) 30 p.
Book Chapter | 1993

Die Verantwortung muss im Dorf bleiben

Siegfried Pausewang (1993)
in Deutschen Welthungerhilfe:Hunger.Ein Report. Bonn: Dietz pp. 97-108