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Journal Article | Jan 2021

Justifiable energy injustices? Exploring institutionalised corruption and electricity sector “problem-solving” in Ghana and Kenya

The persistence of corruption amid intensified anti-corruption initiatives suggests that entitlement notions underpinning involvement in corrupt practices deserve greater attention. Recent evidence from Africa’s energy sector emphasises the functionality of...
Festus Boamah, David Aled Williams, Joana Afful (2021)
in Energy Research and Social Science vol. 73
Journal Article | 2018

"Flooding our eyes with rubbish": urban waste management in Maputo, Mozambique

Critical voices on urban management tend to portray conflicting governmentalities, with western 'top-down' municipal development models on the one hand, and the everyday practices and diffuse forms of power of...
Inge Tvedten and Sara Candiracci (2018)
in Environment and Urbanization pp. 1-16
Journal Article | 2016

Death of a Statesman – Birth of a Martyr: Martyrdom and Memorials in Post–Civil War Lebanon

This (open access) article furthers the study of post-civil war memorialisation in Lebanon by analysing the trajectory of the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri from statesman to martyr. This transformative...
Are John Knudsen (2016)
in Anthropology of the Middle East vol. 11 no. 2 pp. 1-17
Sudan Working Paper | 2016

Peacemaking, Customary Laws and Institutions in Dārfūr

The traditional native justice system in Darfur has an advantage over the modern state judicial one; it has proved its relevance for effectively managing and resolving conflicts, particularly in the...
Dr. Osman Mohamed Osman Ali and Dr. Yousif Suliman Saeed Takana (2016)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Sudan Working Paper SWP 2016:6) 16 p.
Sudan Working Paper | 2015

Women’s Equal Rights and Islam in Sudanese Republican Thought: A Translation of Three Family Law Booklets from 1975, Produced and Circulated by the Republican Sisters

This paper includes a translation of three booklets produced by the Sudanese Republican Sisters in commemoration of International Women’s Day in 1975: (i) Women Rights in the Constitution and under...
Samia al-Nagar, Liv Tønnessen; introduction by Asma Mahmoud Muhammed Taha (2015)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Sudan Working Paper SWP 2015:5) 28 p.
Sudan Working Paper | 2015

Lost in Translation. Understanding the Nuba as a Movement Between Epistemic Territories – between difference and sameness, between contingency and continuity

The paper is a broad discussion focusing on the Nuba people of the Sudan. The starting point for the reflections is the issue of “translation” in which the author argues...
Leif Manger (2015)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (Sudan Working Paper SWP 2015:2) 36 p.
Book Chapter | 2015

Oil and Environmental Injustice in Venezuela: An Ethnograpic Study of Punta Cardón

Maria Victoria Canino and Iselin Åsedotter Strønen (2015)
in McNeish, J.A, Borchgrevnik, A, and Logan: Contested Powers. Zed Books
Journal Article | 2014

Law as an Anti-Value. Justice, Violence and Suffering in the Logic of Becoming

Anthropologists are chronologically only the latest to have adopted justice (and injustice) as an object of (critical) inquiry. Even among anthropologists, however, the radical critical cry that law is the...
Antonio De Lauri (2014)
in Anthropology Today vol. Vol 30(3)
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2013

Compromise over land takeover

The Land Acquisition Bill passed by both houses of Parliament awaits presidential nod before it becomes law and replaces the Land Acquisition Act, 1894. Clearly, in a nod to the...
Namita Wahi (2013)
The New Indian Express 11.09
U4 Issue | 2013

Rule of law and environmental justice in the forests: The challenge of 'strong law enforcement' in corrupt conditions

Widespread illegal forest activities have contributed to deforestation, forest degradation, economic losses to nations and injustices for forest communities in many countries. Promoting rule of law, particularly through ‘strengthening law enforcement’, is...
Fiona Downs (2013)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2013:6) 32 p.
Journal Article | 2013

Access to Justice and Human Rights in Afghanistan

In anthropological and legal literature, the phenomenon termed ‘legal pluralism’ has been interpreted as a co-presence of legal orders which act in relation to their own ‘levels’ of referring ‘fields’....
Antonio De Lauri (2013)
in Journal of Crime, Law and Social Change vol. 60
Edited Book | 2013

CLIMATE TALK. Rights, Poverty and Justice

Climate change is one of the central challenges facing African countries and their people. Unless concerted efforts are made worldwide very soon to reduce emissions, climate change impacts are likely...
Jackie Dugard, Asuncion Lera St.Clair, Siri Gloppen (2013)
Juta Publishers 250 p.
Journal Article | 2012

Climate Change Lawfare

The aim of this paper is to investigate and map climate change discourses in legal spaces. We look at how issues concerning the injustice and human rights violations caused by...
Asuncion St.Clair, Siri Gloppen (2012)
in Social research vol. 79 no. 4 pp. 899-930
Journal Article | 2011

Afghanistan: Corruption and Injustice in the Judicial System

Antonio De Lauri (2011)
in Journal of Law and Social Research vol. 2
Journal Article | 2011

Gold and governance: Legal injustices and lost opportunities in Tanzania

Following advice from the World Bank, and hoping for economic growth and independence from donors, a number of African countries have opened up opportunities for large-scale mining by foreign investors...
Siri Lange (2011)
in African Affairs vol. 110 no. 439 pp. 233-253
Journal Article | 2010

Legal Reconstruction in Afghanistan. Rule of law, Injustice, and Judicial Mediation

Antonio De Lauri (2010)
in Jura Gentium - Journal of Philosophy of International Law and Global Politics. vol. 7 no. 1
Journal Article | 2009

Electoral mismanagement and post-election violence in Kenya: The Kriegler and Waki commissions of inquiry

The 2007 general elections in Kenya were fiercely disputed and triggered widespread violence throughout the country. After former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, brokered an accord between the rival parties leading...
Arne Tostensen (2009)
in Nordic Journal of Human Rights vol. 27 no. 4 pp. 427-451
Journal Article | 2009

Preventable maternal death: a violation of women's rights

More than one woman dies every minute from preventable causes in childbirth, and for every woman who dies as many as 30 others are left with lifelong, debilitating complications. Moreover,...
Alicia Ely Yamin (2009)
in Health and Human Rights
Book Chapter | 2005

Traditional (In)justice: Honour Killings in Pakistan

Are Knudsen (2005)
in Lone Lindholt and Sten Schaumburg-Müller, eds.: Human Rights in Development Yearbook 2003: Human Rights and Local/Living Law. Leiden/Boston/Oslo: Martinus Nijhoff Publisher / Nordic Human Rights Publications pp. 105-126
Book Chapter | 2005

Sobre el Derecho de Resistencia en Contextos de Privaciones Severas. Como Deberia Reaccionar el Estado?

In his article "The right of rersistance in situations of extreme deprivation" Roberto Gargarella argues for a poverty-based right of resistance for systematically deprived citizens, concluding that state authorities should...
Siri Gloppen (2005)
in Roberto Gargarella, ed.: El Derecho a Resistir el Derecho. Buenos Aires: Mino y Davila Editores pp. 99-116