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Book Chapter | 2018

Challenging Male Dominance in Norm-Making in Contexts of Legal Pluralism: Insights from the Andes

Rachel Sieder and Anna Barrera Vivero (2018)
in uth Rubio-Marín and Will Kymlicka : Gender Parity and Multicultural Feminism: Towards a New Synthesis. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press
Book Chapter | 2013

Nordic Multiculturalism: Commonalities and Differences

The five Nordic countries may be thought of as quite similar in many ways so that we would expect commonalities rather than differences among them. In order to test this...
Hugo Stokke (2013)
in Debating Multiculturalism in the Nordic Welfare States.
Book | 2013

Latin American Constitutionalism (1810-2010): The Engine Room of the Constitution

Latin America possesses an enormously rich constitutional history, one that has only recently become the subject of scholarly inquiry. As noted legal theorist Roberto Gargarella contends, contemporary constitutional and political...
Roberto Gargarella (2013)
Oxford: Oxford University Press 298 p.
Journal Article | 2011

Multiculturalism and pluralism in secular society: Individual or collective rights?

This paper discusses multiculturalism in view of collectivistic cultural  structures in immigrant communities. Women in religious minority  communities are ruled according to collectivistic structures when it comes to marriage, divorce,...
Anne Sofie Roald (2011)
in Ars Disputandi : The Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion vol. 5 pp. 147-163
Journal Article | 2011

'Emancipation' or 'regulation'? Law, globalization and indigenous peoples' rights in post-war Guatemala.

During the last two decades processes of legal globalization have led to the increasing codification of the collective rights of indigenous peoples. In Latin America this shift towards 'codifying culture'...
Rachel Sieder (2011)
in Economy and Society vol. 40 no. 2 pp. 239-265
Journal Article | 2011

Building Mayan authority and autonomy: The "recovery" of indigenous law in post-peace Guatemala

Across Latin America, debates and practice around indigenous law provide a window on shifting relations between indigenous movements, states, and international actors. In Guatemala, the practice of indigenous law is...
Rachel Sieder (2011)
in Studies in Law, Politics, and Society vol. 55 pp. 43-75
Book Chapter | 2010

Multiculturalism and religious legislation in Sweden

In view of the growing influence of religion in public life on the national and international scenes, Muslim Diaspora in the West constitutes a timely contribution to scholarly debates and...
Anne Sofie Roald (2010)
in Haydeh Moghissi and Halleh Ghorashi, eds.: Muslim diaspora in the West. Negotiating gender, home and belonging. Surrey/Burlington: Ashgate pp.55-72
Journal Article | 2009

Democratizing Islam and Islamizing democracy: An inquiry into Hasan al-Turabi's conception of Shura in light of Western democratic theory

This article explores Hasan al-Turabi’s conception of democracy with particular focus on the role and rights of non-Muslims. This is done through a qualitative analysis of his writings as well...
Liv Tønnessen (2009)
in Nordic Journal of Human Rights vol.27 no.3 pp. 313-329
Book Chapter | 2008

Constitutionalism in an Insurgent State: Rethinking Legal Empowerment of the Poor in a Divided Bolivia

With the world record in coup d'états[i] and a modern history of revolution and repeated uprisings it can also too easy to dismiss Bolivia not only as a recent state...
John-Andrew McNeish (2008)
in Dan Banik: Rights and Legal Empowerment in Eradicating Poverty . Ashgate
Journal Article | 2008

Beyond the Permitted Indian? Bolivia and Guatemala in an Age of Neoliberal Developmentalism

This paper outlines and discusses the contrasting histories of inclusion and contestation associated with the introduction of neoliberal and multicultural policies in Bolivia and Guatemala. In drawing out and discussing...
John-Andrew McNeish (2008)
Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies vol. 3 no. 1 March 2008 pp 33-59
Book Review | 2007

Review of Nancy Postero´s "Now We Are Citizens: Indigenous Politics in Post-multicultural Bolivia"

McNeish, J.A (2007)
in Journal of Latin American Studies vol. November 39 no. 4