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CMI Working Paper | 2001

Intergovernmental fiscal relations in developing countries. A review of issues

Fiscal decentralisation - the devolution of taxing and spending powers to lower levels of government - has become an important theme of governance in many developing countries in recent years....
Odd-Helge Fjeldstad (2001)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2001:11) 15 p.
Book Chapter | 2001

Fishing at home and abroad: Access to waters in Niger's Central Delta and the effects of work migration

Eyolf Jul-Larsen and Bréhima Kassibo (2001)
in Tor A. Benjaminsen and Christian Lund (eds.): Politics, property and production in the West African Sahel. Understanding natural resources management. Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute pp. 208-232
CMI Working Paper | 2001

Institutions, mobility and resilience in the Fante migratory fisheries of West Africa

The fishery of the Fante town Moree in Ghana and its network of migrants in West Africa is here understood as a social field, whose institutions are key to an...
Ragnhild Overå (2001)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2001:2)
Book Chapter | 2001

Reasonable discrimination? Affirming access to higher education in Malaysia

Hugo Stokke (2001)
in Human rights in development. Yearbook 1999/2000. The millennium edition. The Hague: Kluwer Law International/ Nordic Human Rights Publ pp. 189-214
CMI Report | 2001

A review of development trends in the energy sector of Bangladesh

This energy review examines the gas and power sectors in terms of major actors, current and potential output, generation, transmission and distribution problems and the emerging policy regime. The main...
Arne Wiig and K.A.S. Murshid (2001)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2001:3) 47 p.
Report in External Series | 2001

Economic impacts on the least developed countries of the elimination of import tariffs on their products

In this paper, we have discussed potential gains to the LDCs from improved market access in the QUAD. In principle, the economic benefits of extending the LDC trade preferences can...
Arne Wiig, Rune Jansen Hagen and Ottar Mæstad (2001)
Oslo: Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Evaluation Report 2/2001) 88 p.
CMI Working Paper | 2000

Mozambique - a sub-Saharan African NIC?

This paper analyzes and explains foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mozambique. The country was one of the fastest growing countries in the world during the second half of the 1990s,...
Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås, with Leon Pretorius (2000)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2000:10) 26 p.
CMI Working Paper | 1999

Access regimes and institutions: The economic organisation of the migrant Popo fishermen of Pointe- Noire, Congo

Within Popo society in Pointe Noire, Congo, fishermen sell their fish to their wives at a price slightly below the local market price. The wives process the fish and re-sell...
Turid Bøe (1999)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 1999:8) 36 p.
CMI Report | 1999

Liberalisation of trade in producer services - the impact on developing countries

This paper analyzes the impact of liberalization of trade in producer services, focusing on financial services, telecommunications and transport. The likely effects on developing countries is that they will become...
Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås and James Hodge (1999)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 1999:7) 27 p.
Book | 1997

Angola: Struggle for Peace and Reconstruction

After more than twenty years of devastating civil war, Angola is slowly moving toward peace and reconciliation. In this accessible introduction to one of the most resource-rich countries in Africa,...
Inge Tvedten (1997)
Boulder, Col.: Westview Press
CMI Working Paper | 1996

Deforestation: Population or market driven? Different approaches in modelling agricultural expansion

The debate on causes of and remedies for tropical deforestation is often confused because the underlying assumptions of the arguments are not made explicit. This paper compares four different modelling...
Arild Angelsen (1996)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 1996:9)
CMI Working Paper | 1994

Shifting cultivation expansion and intensity of production: The open economy case

This paper studies decision making in shifting cultivation, in particular labour inputs, length of rotation or fallow period (intensity of production), and the agricultural frontier (expansion). Analytical models are developed,...
Arild Angelsen (1994)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 1994:3)
DERAP Working Paper | 1990

Kleseksport fra Bangladesh. Informasjonssvikt og kvalitetsfelle

This study investigates the incentives of garment producers in Bangladesh to increase the quality of their products in a situation with unsatisfactory reputation. Quality improvement are necessary to get access...
Arne Wiig (1990)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper D 1990: 8) 60 p.
Journal Article | 1983

Peasants, Land and Society. A Social History of Land Reform in Ethiopia

Different systems of land tenure in Ethiopia under Haile Selassie and their history are explained and their economic and social consequences analysed. The centralisation and commercialisation of the economy under...
Siegfried Pausewang (1983)
in Afrika Studien no. 110 198 + 39 p.