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Report in External Series | 2013

Real-Time Evaluation of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative Contribution to Measurement, Reporting and Verification

The Government of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), launched in December 2007, has pledged substantial development assistance to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries...
LTS International in cooperation with Ecometrica, Indufor Oy and the Chr. Michelsen Institute (2013)
Oslo: Norad (Evaluation Reports no. 5/2013) 136 p.
U4 Brief | 2013

The Indonesian Court for Corruption Crimes: Circumventing judicial impropriety?

The anti-corruption world has witnessed increasing institutional specialisation, including the emergence of anti-corruption courts. Indonesia’s Special Court for Corruption Crimes in Jakarta gained prominence for a nearly 100 per cent...
Sofie Arjon Schütte, Simon Butt (2013)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Brief 2013:5) 4 p.
U4 Issue | 2013

Rule of law and environmental justice in the forests: The challenge of 'strong law enforcement' in corrupt conditions

Widespread illegal forest activities have contributed to deforestation, forest degradation, economic losses to nations and injustices for forest communities in many countries. Promoting rule of law, particularly through ‘strengthening law enforcement’, is...
Fiona Downs (2013)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2013:6) 32 p.
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2012

Assessing corruption risks critical for success of REDD

Learning the right lessons from past experiences with corruption in the forest sector is crucial to prevent broad undermining of REDD+.
Aled Williams, Andre Standing (2012)
Development Today 6/9/12
U4 Brief | 2012

Corruption et REDD+ : Identifier les risques dans une situation complexe

La corruption et différents facteurs peuvent exercer une influence à double tranchant sur la déforestation. Dans le cadre des procédures nationales de mise en oeuvre de l’initiative REDD+, les donateurs...
André Standing (2012)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Brief 2012:4) 4 p.
U4 Brief | 2012

Corruption and REDD+: Identifying risks amid complexity

Corruption and other factors can influence deforestation in contradictory ways. For the purpose of country-level implementation of REDD+, donors should focus particularly on three corruption risk areas: land grabbing and...
André Standing (2012)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Brief 2012:2) 4 p.
Journal Article | 2012

Against the Odds: Anti-Corruption Reform in Indonesia

The discourse on anti-corruption approaches during the last decade has been shaped by two extremes: those who prescribe specialized anti-corruption bodies as a remedy in any context and those who...
Sofie Arjon Schütte (2012)
in Public Administration and Development vol. 32 no. 1 pp. 38-48
Newspaper Op-Ed | 2011

Grønn fattigdomsbekjempelse

Grønn Fattigdomsbekjempelse Den rød-grønne regjeringen har nylig begått en Stortingsmelding med tittelen ‘Mot en grønnere utvikling – om sammenhengen i milø- og utviklingspolitikken’.  Rapporten løfter fram to sentrale temaer i norsk...
Inge Tvedten (2011)
Verdens Gang 29.11.2011
U4 Report | 2011

Can UNCAC address grand corruption?

The political economies of many developing countries are characterised by varying degrees of patronage and state capture, a reality that has far-reaching implications for measures addressing corruption. Political strategies in...
Hannes Hechler, Gretta Fenner Zinkernagel, Lucy Koechlin, Dominic Morris (2011)
(U4 Report 2011:2) 73 p.
Report in External Series | 2011

Real-time evaluation of Norway's international climate and forest initiative. Contributions to a global REDD+ regime 2007-2010

This report is an output of the first iteration of a process of real-time evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI). This strand of evaluation addresses NICFI’s contribution...
Richard Tipper, Johan Helland, Iselin Åsedotter Strønen et al (2011)
Oslo: Norad (Evaluation report no. 12/2010) 82 p.
Journal Article | 2011

Appointing Top Officials in a Democratic Indonesia: The Corruption Eradication Commission

Democratisation has brought checks and balances, and new state agencies, to Indonesian politics. Checks and balances and greater responsiveness to the public have also been sought in the appointment processes...
Sofie Arjon Schütte (2011)
in Bulletin of Indonesian Economics Studies vol. 47 no. 3 pp. 355-79
Edited Book | 2011

Politics in the developing world. 3rd ed.

The third edition of this well respected textbook explores the changing nature of politics in the developing world in the twenty-first century. Beginning with an examination of theoretical approaches, leading...
Peter Burnell, Vicky Randall and Lise Rakner, eds. (2011)
Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press 537 p.
Book Chapter | 2011

Spirited warriors: Conspiracy and protection on Lombok

Kari Telle (2011)
in Andrea Lauser and Kirsten Endres: Engaging the Spirit World in Modern Southeast Asia. London and New York: Berghahn Books pp. 42-61
Book Chapter | 2010

Seduced by security: the politics of (In)security on Lombok, Indonesia

Kari Telle (2010)
in John-Andrew McNeish and Jon Harald Sande Lie, eds.: Security and development. Oxford: Berghahn pp. 130-142
Book Chapter | 2010

Dharma power: Searching for security in post-new order Indonesia

The chapter examines how security concerns are infiltrating new aspects of daily life in Indonesia, giving rise to new organisational forms and ways of imagining self and society. As I...
Kari Telle (2010)
in Bruce Kapferer, Kari Telle, Annelin Eriksen: Contemporary Religiosities: Emergent Socialities and the Post-Nation-State. London and New York: Berghahn Books pp. 141-156
U4 Issue | 2010

An exception to the rule? Why Indonesia's Anti-Corruption Commission succeeds where others don't - a comparison with the Philippines' Ombudsman

Anti-corruption agencies have long been a principal strategy to fight corruption in many developing countries. Unfortunately, few of them have produced evident results and they are seen as being rather...
Emil P. Bolongaita (2010)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Issue 2010:4) 34 p.
Book Chapter | 2009

Swearing innocence: Performing justice and 'reconciliation' in post-new order Lombok.

Kari Telle (2009)
in Birgit Brauchler: Reconciling Indonesia: Grassroots agency for peace. London and New York: Routledge pp. 57-76
Journal Article | 2009

Spirited places and ritual dynamics among Sasak Muslims on Lombok

This article concerns the 'living' landscape inhabited by Sasak Muslims on the Indonesian island of Lombok, viewed in the context of reformist efforts to 'purify' local Islamic ritual practice. Drawing...
Kari Telle (2009)
in Anthropological Forum vol. 19 no. 3 pp. 289-306
Journal Article | 2009

Dharma power: Searching for security in post-new order Indonesia

Security concerns are creeping into new aspects of everyday life in Indonesia, resulting in new organizational forms and ways of perceiving self and society. Stressing the cultural shaping of all...
Kari Telle (2009)
in Social Analysis vol. 53 no. 1 pp. 141-156
Report in External Series | 2008

Aid Effectiveness to Infrastructure: A Comparative Study of East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa . Synthesis Paper

Responding to a renewed call for aid to economic infrastructure, the JBIC Institute launched a study on effectiveness of aid to infrastructure projects. While the analysis of the effectiveness of...
Alf Morten Jerve and Machiko Nissanke (2008)
Tokyo: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBICI Research Paper no. 36-4) 49 p.