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Journal Article | 1983

Peasants, Land and Society. A Social History of Land Reform in Ethiopia

Different systems of land tenure in Ethiopia under Haile Selassie and their history are explained and their economic and social consequences analysed. The centralisation and commercialisation of the economy under...
Siegfried Pausewang (1983)
in Afrika Studien no. 110 198 + 39 p.
Journal Article | 1982

Bangladesh as a low-income country in international comparison

Johan Skutle and Per Tveite (1982)
in The Journal of Social Studies no. 15 pp. 26-31
Journal Article | 1980

Nuptiality in Bangladesh

Armindo Miranda (1980)
in The Journal of Social Studies no. 9 pp. 58-98
Journal Article | 1979

Choice of irrigation technology in Bangladesh: Implications for dependency relationships between rich and poor farmers

Eirik G. Jansen (1979)
in The Journal of Social Studies no. 5 pp. 61-84