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CMI Report | 1990

The Nordic/SADCC Initiative: A Nordic Review

The report reviews progress under the Nordic/SADCC Initiative on expanded economic and cultural co-operation btween the Nordic countries and the SADCC Member States during the period 1986-1989. It concludes that,...
Arne Tostensen, Nils Groes, Kimmo Kiljunen and Tom Ƙstergaard (1990)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 1990:8) 66 p.
Edited Book | 1989

Escape from Violence. Conflict and the Refugee Crisis in the Developing World

The magnitude of refugees movements in the Third World, widely perceived as an unprecedented crisis, has generated widespread concern in the West. This concern reveals itself as an ambiguous mixture...
Aristide R. Zolberg, Astri Suhrke and Sergio Aguayo (1989)
Oxford: Oxford University Press 400 p.