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CMI Insight | 2013

Marriage is Politics: Prospects for Women's Equality after the Arab Spring

Hopes were high that the uprisings that began in 2011 across the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) that have come to be known as “the Arab Spring” would bring...
Liv Tønnessen (2013)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Insight vol. 2013 no. 1) 4 p.
Journal Article | 2013

The Women's Quota in Conflict Ridden Sudan: Ideological Battles for and against Gender Equality

This article explores women's substantive representation in Sudan's National Assembly. It examines the extent to which female legislators in the National Assembly represent women's interests, paying special attention to legislative...
Liv Tønnessen and Samia al-Nagar (2013)
in Women's Studies International Forum vol. Volume 41 no. Part 2 pp. 122-131
Book Chapter | 2013

Between Sharia and CEDAW in Sudan: Islamist women negotiating gender equity

This chapter explores how women’s rights and obligations are understood and negotiated within the context of an Islamic state in Sudan. It particularly deals with the ongoing debate on The...
Liv Tønnessen (2013)
in Rachel Sieder and John McNeish: Gender Justice and Legal Pluralities: Latin American and African Perspectives. New York: Routledge-Cavendish
Journal Article | 2012

A universal preference for equality in health? Reasons to reconsider properties of applied welfare functions

The literature on how to combine efficiency and equity considerations in the social valuation of health allocations has borrowed extensively from applied welfare economics, including the literature on inequality measurement....
Ottar Mæstad, Ole Frithjof Norheim (2012)
in Social Science and Medicine vol. 75 pp. 1836-1843
Report in External Series | 2012

Promoting women's rights in Afghanistan: a call for less aid and more politics

To NATO countries, promoting women’s rights in Afghanistan is often framed as a choice between committing to high levels of aid for gender-related activities and an uncompromising public stance vis-à-vis...
Torunn Wimpelmann (2012)
NOREF Policy Brief
Report in External Series | 2012

Organisational Performance Review of the Norwegian People's Aid

The Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) was established in 1939 as the trade unions’ voluntary health and solidarity organisation. NPA’s international work includes long-term development efforts and humanitarian work, including a...
Elling N. Tjønneland, Gisle Hagen (2012)
Oslo: Norad (Norad rapport: Gjennomgang no. 6/2012) 64 p.
Report in External Series | 2012

Hunting for Per Diem: The Uses and Abuses of Travel Compensation in Three Developing Countries

Cash is a great incentive. The last decade has seen a boom in various forms of cash incentive programmes, from the conditional cash transfer programmes that emerged in Latin America...
Arne Tostensen, Tina Søreide, Ingvild Aagedal Skage (2012)
Norad no. Report 2/2012 Study 122 p.
Book Chapter | 2012

Conclusion: All other things do not remain equal

John-Andrew McNeish and Owen Logan (2012)
in John-Andrew McNeish and Owen Logan, eds.: Flammable societies. Studies on the socio-economics of oil and gas. London: Pluto Press pp. 335-351
Doctoral Thesis | 2011

The many faces of political Islam in Sudan: Muslim women's activism for and against the state

This thesis investigates the politics of competing Islamic gender ideologies in Sudan. Based on fieldwork conducted in greater Khartoum from 2006 through 2011, the thesis explores Muslim women’s political activism...
Liv Tønnessen (2011)
Bergen: University of Bergen 344 p.
Journal Article | 2011

Multiculturalism and pluralism in secular society: Individual or collective rights?

This paper discusses multiculturalism in view of collectivistic cultural  structures in immigrant communities. Women in religious minority  communities are ruled according to collectivistic structures when it comes to marriage, divorce,...
Anne Sofie Roald (2011)
in Ars Disputandi : The Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion vol. 5 pp. 147-163
Journal Article | 2011

Measuring unfair (in)equality

Ingvild Almås, Jo Thori Lind, Alexander Wright Cappelen, Erik Øiolf Sørensen, Bertil Tungodden (2011)
in Journal of Public Economics vol. 95 no. 7-8 pp. 488-499
Book Chapter | 2011

European Islamic gender discourse

Recent discourses on human rights as well as individual rights have affected the traditional understanding of gender roles and family in general. Due to historical development in Christian thought, the...
Anne Sofie Roald (2011)
in David Cheetham, Ulrich Winkler, Oddbjørn Leirvik and Judith Gruber, eds.: Interreligious hermeneutics in pluralistic Europe. Amsterdam/N.Y.: Rodopi. pp 267-288
Report in External Series | 2011

Gender equality and development in Mozambique

This article outlines some of the main policies and interventions for economic development and gender equality in Mozambique since Independence in 1975, and assesses key implications for the positions of...
Inge Tvedten (2011)
Background article for the World Development Report 2012
Journal Article | 2011

Feminist interlegalities and gender justice in Sudan: The debate on CEDAW and Islam

The fundamental argument put forward by Islamists, who have ruled Sudan since 1989, for not signing the convention is based on cultural relativism; different cultures provide indigenous and local solutions...
Liv Tønnessen (2011)
in Religion and Human Rights: An International Journal vol. 6 no. 1, pp. 25-39
Journal Article | 2010

Responsibility for what? Fairness and individual responsibility

What should individuals be held responsible for? This is a fundamental question in much of the contemporary debate on distributive justice. Different fairness ideals, such as strict egalitarianism, and different...
Alexander W. Cappelen, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden (2010)
in European Economic Review vol. 54 no. 3 pp. 429-441
Journal Article | 2010

Fairness and the development of inequality acceptance

Fairness considerations fundamentally affect human behavior, but our understanding of the nature and development of people’s fairness preferences is limited. The dictator game has been the standard experimental design for...
Bertil Tungodden, I. Almas, A.W. Cappelen, E.O. Sorensen (2010)
in Science vol. 328 no. 5982 pp. 1176-1178
Book Chapter | 2010

Multiculturalism and religious legislation in Sweden

In view of the growing influence of religion in public life on the national and international scenes, Muslim Diaspora in the West constitutes a timely contribution to scholarly debates and...
Anne Sofie Roald (2010)
in Haydeh Moghissi and Halleh Ghorashi, eds.: Muslim diaspora in the West. Negotiating gender, home and belonging. Surrey/Burlington: Ashgate pp.55-72
CMI Brief | 2010

Gender and poverty in Mozambique

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are high on the government and donor agendas in Sub-Saharan Africa, but have largely failed to have an impact. Rather than ‘mainstreaming’ gender, more attention...
Inge Tvedten et al. (2010)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Brief vol. 9 no. 6) 4 p.
Book | 2010

The legal foundations of inequality. Constitutionalism in the Americas 1776-1860

The long revolutionary movements that gave birth to constitutional democracies in the Americas were founded on egalitarian constitutional ideals. They claimed that all men were created equal and with similar...
Roberto Gargarella (2010)
New York: Cambridge Univ. Press 273 p.
CMI Report | 2010

'A woman should not be the boss when a man is present'. Gender and poverty in Southern Mozambique

This is the third and final report in the series “Gender Policies and Feminisation of Poverty in Mozambique”, revealing a curious incongruity between often broad and sweeping statements about gender...
Inge Tvedten, Margarida Paulo, Minna Tuominen (2010)
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2010:7) 50 p.