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100 years since the deportation: “The Armenians are a nation of widows and orphans”

Today, Armenia commemorates the starting date of the massacre on the Armenian people. On 24 April 1915, leaders of the Ottoman Empire arrested Armenian intellectuals and leaders in modern day Istanbul.

New book:

Past, present and future: Fifty years of anthropology in Sudan

This book is about the history of anthropology in Sudan with authors from Sudan, Norway, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and France. The chapters illustrate the diversity and dynamism of anthropology in Sudan and how it developed in relation to the specificities of the country itself.

Will the international community take a stand?

Covering up a massacre in Angola?

In mid-April 2015, news emerged about the killing of nine police-men in Angola's Huambo province. The incident involved the police and members of Juliano Kalupeteca's "Light of the World" religious sect. In the following days, grizzling reports emerged of a massacre of perhaps hundreds of sect members. We do not yet know the truth. Angola's government appears to do its utmost to prevent knowledge of it to transpire. Will the international community remain passive?

Violence against women in Afghanistan: Getting away with murder

On 19 March, Farkhunda was lynched by an angry mob on the streets of Kabul. She had been falsely accused of burning the Quran. In a swift trial, four men were sentenced to death, eight to 16 years in prison. The Farkhunda trial is a statistical outlier. In Afghanistan, few men are punished for violence against women.

The Argentine Military in Democracy: Moving Beyond Issues of Civilian Control to a Citizen Soldier Paradigm

Effective civil-military relations in contemporary democracy require both the institutions of oversight and a political culture that engages the military in the citizenship ideals of the polity, writes Kristina Mani.

CMI Insight

A Hawk in Dove’s Feathers: Colombian Civil-Military Relations Under Santos

John-Andrew McNeish (2015) Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Insight 2015 no. 1) 8 p.

CMI Working Paper

Afar Resilience Study

Johan Helland (2015) Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2015:6) 47 p.

U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

CMI's blog on women's rights

Country programmes

Angola - analysis of economic and political developments. Research co-operation with CEIC, Angola.

Sudan - ARUSS: Assisting regional universities in Sudan and South Sudan

Tanzania as a future petro-state: Prospects and challenges. Research co-operation with Repoa, Tanzania.

Voice of China - The Voice of China in Africa - Media and soft power.

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