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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Angolan Oil Industry

Arne Wiig (2005)

Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2005: 8) 29 p.

What are the responsibility of oil companies in resource rich countries? Do they take these responsibilities? Based on a utilitarian perspective and theories of the resource curse, we discuss the oil companies' corporate social responsibility (CSR) when a resource rich country such as Angola lacks accountable public institutions. We also analyse the type of responsibility oil companies take and factors driving corporate social responsibility. From undertaking a survey among oil service firms operating in Angola, we have found that, in practice, policy on the corporate social responsibility of oil companies is mainly driven by economic incentives (it is good for business), rather than by ethical considerations.

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Report in External Series

Within-group heterogeneity and group dynamics: Analyzing exit of microcredit groups in Angola

Ivar Kolstad, Armando J. Garcia Pires, and Arne Wiig (2015) Bergen: CENTRE FOR APPLIED RESEARCH AT NHH (Working Paper No 03/15)

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Ivar Kolstad (2012) in Business Ethics: A European Review

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Assigned corporate social responsibility in a rentier state: The case of Angola

Arne Wiig and Ivar Kolstad (2012) in Päivi Lujala and Siri Aas Rustad : High-value natural resources and post-conflict peacebuilding . Oxford: Earthscan pp. 147-154

CMI Working Paper

Why Firms should not always Maximize Profits

Ivar Kolstad (2006) Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2006: 11) 7 p.


Arne Wiig

Economist whose professional profile and research interests include foreign direct investments and international trade, microcredit, poverty and corporate social responsibility.

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