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Opposition Parties and the 2008 Parliamentary Elections in Angola

Inge Amundsen, Markus Weimer (2008)

Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Working Paper WP 2008:9) 61 p.

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Parliamentary elections were held in Angola on 5th September 2008, as the first elections in the country since 1992. There were 138 political parties registered, but only fourteen parties (including four party coalitions) were approved for the elections.

This study gives a background to the 2008 parliamentary elections and provides an overview of the pre-election political situation, the ‘playing field', the election system and last, and most importantly, the opposition parties. The study is based on interviews with party officials of the most important political parties, newspaper articles and a review of the few reports available on politics and political parties.


Political Parties in Angola
Start: Jan. 2008 (Completed)
Keywords: Angola, democratization, political parties
Geography: Angola

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Inge Amundsen

Political scientist focusing on democratisation, parliaments, political parties, corruption, resource and oil revenue management, and aid.

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