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Population dynamics, migration, fisheries management, sustainability

Countries and regions:
Ghana, Africa

Small-scale fisheries, population dynamics and resource use in Africa: The case of Moree, Ghana

Catherine M. Marquette and Ragnhild Overå (2002)

in Ambio vol. 31 no. 4 pp. 324-336

The relationships between population dynamics and fishery resources are more complex than the concept of Malthusian overfishing implies. Reasons include changing biophysical characteristics of the upwelling system along the coast of West Africa; changes in fishing effort; the nonlocal market demand for fish; fisheries migration; and institutions regulating fishery resource and economic changes on migration rather than population pressure on fishery resources. Fisheries management policies must therefore take into account processes that lie beyond the influence of local fishermen.


Population dynamics and resource management in small- scale fishing communities in Africa 1998-2000
Start: Jan. 1998 (Completed)
Keywords: Small-scale fisheries, natural resource management, migration, population dynamics
Geography: Ghana, Africa

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