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Who rules Nigeria?

Thematic group:
Democracy and Governance

Keywords: Elite formation

Geographic keywords: Nigeria

Client/funder: NOREF

Start date: May 2012 (Completed)

Project staff: Inge Amundsen

This project is a policy-oriented study on the political economy of Nigeria, describing the process of elite formation and exploring the characteristics of its ruling elite: its interests and the connections between them, position the ruling elite along Nigeria’s basic socio-cultural cleavages (north-south, geopolitical zones, religion and ethnicity) and along economic cleavages (rural-urban and income differences, class, occupation, and insiders-outsiders in terms of patronage and favoritism)., and explore a number of topics directly related to the economic interests of the ruling elite and to the role the country’s vast oil wealth plays in elite formation.

The study is commissioned by NOREF on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last update: March 2014

Who Rules Nigeria?
Inge Amundsen (2012)
Oslo: NOREF - Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (Report no. Report November 2012) 7 p.


Who Rules Nigeria?
The income generated by Nigeria's oil exports has failed to lift the majority of its people out of severe poverty. According to Inge Amundsen, this is partially attributable to the 'rent-seeking' behaviours of Nigeria's ruling political and military elites.

Selected publications

Who Rules Nigeria?
Inge Amundsen (2012)

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