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Update on Abyei

Small Arms Survey, HSBA

This is a detailed report on the current political and security situation in the disputed region. The former South Sudanese co-chair of the AJOC, Edward Lino, has joined the SPLM-IO; Abyei will not participate in either the Sudanese or South Sudanese elections; a series of high-level dismissals during the last year has weakened the Ngok Dinka's position in the SPLM; and the Missiriya migration is in full-swing, with UNISFA effectively acting as bodyguards in the north of Abyei.

The Crisis in Abyei, the SDBZ, and the 14-Mile Area

Updates from the Small Arms Survey

The Crisis in Abyei (13 December 2013)
Reviewing the status of negotiations over Abyei following the Ngok Dinka-organized referendum—which has ...

Abyei challenges the African Union

ISS Today, Institute for Security Studies

The referendum in Abyei is an ongoing challenge for the African Union, write Tshaba Tjemolane and Amanda Lucey at ISS Pretoria.

The crisis in Abyei

HSBA, Small Arms Survey, October 2013

Voting in the Ngok Dinka-organized referendum on Abyei's political future ends on 29 October, with results to be announced on 31 October.

The Crisis in Abyei Update

HSBA Update, 17 Sept 2013

Noting increased pressure from the Ngok Dinka community and South Sudanese government to hold the AUHIP-proposed referendum on the territory in October 201 ...

Stabilizing Abyei

KUSH Inc., August 2013

A political solution alone will not resolve the conflict plaguing Abyei. Urgent attention needs to be paid to local conditions and efforts on the ground should move beyond humanitarian relief to focus on transitions that would result in long-term stability. That is the conclusion of this newly-released report by KUSH Inc.

Dividing lines: Grazing and conflict along the Sudan-South Sudan border

HSBA Working Paper, Joshua Craze

Almost two years after South Sudan became Africa’s newest nation-state, its border with Sudan is neither delimited nor demarcated. While a series of ...

Update on the crisis in Abyei

HSBA, March 2013

With the political positions of Sudan and South Sudan as far apart as ever, and the situation on the ground tense, the Abyei crisis shows no signs of abating.

Crossing the line: Transhumance in transition along the South Sudan Sudan border

Concordis International Report, Oct 2012

This report, published by Concordis International with funding from the European Union, aims to document the process of nomadic pastoralism across the ...

Resolving the Abyei Crisis: Preventing Violence and Promoting Peace

The Enough Project

The cold war between Sudan and South Sudan could reignite into a devastating armed conflict if they do not quickly resolve their dispute over the final sta ...

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2046 Compliance Tracker: Summary Chart

Enough Project, Oct 2012

The chart identifies the government of Sudan, the government of South Sudan, and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North's respective compliance, or lack thereof.

Forgotten Again: How the World Has Failed Abyei

Enough Project

On September 27, 2012, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir signed agreements concerning a host of issues resulting fro ...

Sudan-South Sudan Field Dispatch: Good News and Bad News from Negotiations in Addis Ababa

Enough Project

For nearly three weeks, from September 4 to 27, 2012, representatives of Sudan and South Sudan met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to negotiate a comprehensive pea ...

Down to the Wire: An Update on Negotiations Between the Sudans

Amanda Hsiao, Enough Project, July 2012

In the last days before the August 2 deadline, Sudan and South Sudan’s positions on key outstanding issues—arrangements on oil and associated fin ...

A Comprehensive Agreement for the Two Sudans: Is It Possible?

Jenn Christian, Enough Project, July 2012

On June 28, the latest round of negotiations between the governments of Sudan and South Sudan adjourned after the Sudanese delegation requested leave to ...

The Crisis in Abyei

Small Arms Survey, June 2012

This report gives you the latest updates on the crisis in Abyei.

South Sudan and Sudan Back to War? A View from Juba

Amanda Hsiao, The Enough Project, May 2012

There is a perceptible shift within the leadership in Juba toward disengagement with Sudan.

The crisis in Abyei

Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA), 26 April 2012

Describing the status of the ongoing occupation of Abyei, the mobilization of forces on both sides, and the effects of the Heglig conflict of March-April 2012 on the Abyei crisis.

Reaching for the gun

Small Arms Survey, Human Security Baseline Assessment 19, April 2012

Arms flows and holdings in South Sudan

Sudan - South Sudan: Destruction and desolation in Abyei

Amnesty International

More than 100,000 inhabitants of Abyei - virtually the entire population of the area – were displaced by renewed conflict in the disputed region in ...

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Allahu Akbar: A Friday in Khartoum
I am sipping to my coffee as I am listening to the local imam through the loudspeaker as he addresses his congregation inside the mosque.

Ikke mer fred å få
Ingen viktige fredsavtaler er inngått i verden de siste åtte årene. De fleste «intern-konflikter» er ikke det de gir seg ut for å være. De er deler av internasjonale konfliktsystemer der eksterne aktører spiller helt sentrale roller, skriver Gunnar M. Sørbø i en utenriksanalyse i Morgenbladet.

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