Peacebuilding in Sudan: Micro- Macro Issues

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Darfur's deepening conflict

IRIN, Stephen Graham

Violence in Sudan's Darfur has surged to levels not seen in a decade, with more than 150,000 people driven from their homes this year alone. The region's long-suffering residents are also bearing the brunt of a measles epidemic. It is a conflict to which the international community appears to have no answer and which risks being overshadowed by other crises in East Africa and beyond. The humanitarian and security challenges are vast, writes Stephen Graham.

Development Deferred: Eastern Sudan after the ESPA

Small Arms Survey, HSBA, Working Paper 36

Nine years after the signing of the ESPA, the people of Eastern Sudan are discontent. There is a need for an independent review of its implementation that takes into account the viewpoints of all stakeholders involved in or affected by the agreement.

Sudan: Preserving Peace in the East

International Crisis Group, Africa Report no. 209

The situation in Sudan's forgotten East - without deadly conflict since the 2006 Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement (ESPA) - stands in contrast to the fighting besetting the country's other peripheries. But this peace is increasingly fragile.

Dividing lines: Grazing and conflict along the Sudan-South Sudan border

HSBA Working Paper, Joshua Craze

Almost two years after South Sudan became Africa’s newest nation-state, its border with Sudan is neither delimited nor demarcated. While a series of ...

A New History for a New Nation: The Search for South Sudan's Usable Past

Rift Valley Institute, Douglas Johnson, August 2012

South Sudan is a missing piece in the jigsaw of Africa's past, says RVI Fellow Douglas Johnson.

Failing Darfur

Enough Project, Aug 2012

Continued international support to the failed Darfur peace agreement is actually making matters worse in Darfur.

Note on Panthou/Heglig

Douglas H. Johnson

This note from one of the leading authorities on the area, while not giving a definitive answer to the issue of Panthou/Heglig, concludes that any government or international body that declared that Heglig is 'internationally recognized' as part of Sudan has been premature at best and prejudicial to a final resolution at worst.

South Sudan and Kenya: The Relationships

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies

Kenya is a leading country in the East African region with better developed infrastructure and industry. The capital city is a regional hub derisively ref ...

Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission to South Sudan

FAO-WFP report, Feb 2012

Hunger on the rise in South Sudan.

South Sudan: Waiting for Peace to Come. Study from Bor, Twic East and Duk Counties in Jonglei

Simon Harragin, L2GP Report Sept 2011

What do people value, and how do they go about protecting themselves and their families, and communities?

Religious minorities in the Middle East. Domination, self-empowerment, accommodation.

Ed. by Anh Nga Longva and Anne Sofie Roald (2011) Leiden/Boston: Brill 369 p.

Sudan's constitution clearly states that religious minorities can hold influential political positions, but they rarely do.

The Politics of Local Boundaries and Conflict in Sudan. The South Darfur Case

Yousif Takana, Sudan Working Paper 2008:2

Up to 1994, Darfur region (the present three states of Darfur) had remained a single integrated political and administrative unit since the establishment of ...

Beyond the fragile peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea: Averting new war

Africa Report N°141 - 17 June 2008, International Crisis Group

Gauging Fear and Insecurity: Perspectives on Armed Violence in Eastern Equatoria and Tukana North

Small Arms Survey working paper no 14, July 2008, by Claire Mc Evoy and Ryan Murray

Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan and Turkana North District in neigh- bouring Kenya lie in one of the most conflict-prone regions in the East and ...

Sudan's foreign relations with Asia: China and the politics of 'looking east'

Research paper from the Institute of Security Studies no. 158, February 2008, by Daniel Large

East Sudan former rebels fully deploy under deal

SudanTribune article, 4th July 2007

Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement

Source: Sudan Tribune

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Allahu Akbar: A Friday in Khartoum
I am sipping to my coffee as I am listening to the local imam through the loudspeaker as he addresses his congregation inside the mosque.

Ikke mer fred å få
Ingen viktige fredsavtaler er inngått i verden de siste åtte årene. De fleste «intern-konflikter» er ikke det de gir seg ut for å være. De er deler av internasjonale konfliktsystemer der eksterne aktører spiller helt sentrale roller, skriver Gunnar M. Sørbø i en utenriksanalyse i Morgenbladet.

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