Peacebuilding in Sudan: Micro- Macro Issues

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Sudan: Preserving Peace in the East

International Crisis Group, Africa Report no. 209

The situation in Sudan's forgotten East - without deadly conflict since the 2006 Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement (ESPA) - stands in contrast to the fighting besetting the country's other peripheries. But this peace is increasingly fragile.

The need for a functioning civil service

The Ebony Center for Strategic Studies, June 2013

The emergence of a viable economy in South Sudan demands a competent civil service system that is dedicated to the rule of law.

Sudan: Anatomy of a Conflict

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, The Signal Program, May 2013

This is a geospatial-based study where the researchers have used a fusion of remote sensing and previously public event data. Key findings of the study include evidence of the destruction of more than 2,000 civilian dwellings and other structures, targeting and destruction of four humanitarian facilities and mass displacement of civilian populations.

One Nation from Every Tribe, Tongue and People: The Church and Strategic Peacebuilding in South Sudan

John Ashworth, Maura Ryan (2013)

When South Sudan celebrated independence on July 9, 2011, Ken Hackett, then CEO of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), was invited to join the United States del ...

Getting back on track

Joint publication, December 2012

This joint report gives advice on how to implement the UN Regional Strategy on the Lord's Resistance Army and provides clear recommendations to the UN Security Council, the UN Secretary General and UN departments and agencies.

My Neighbour, My Enemy: Inter Tribal Violence in Jonglei

HSBA Issue Brief, Oct 2012

South Sudan has faced many internal security challenges since gaining independence in July 2011, but one of the deadliest and most complex has been int ...

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2046 Compliance Tracker: Summary Chart

Enough Project, Oct 2012

The chart identifies the government of Sudan, the government of South Sudan, and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North's respective compliance, or lack thereof.

Rapid Food Security And Nutrition Assessment: South Kordofan

Enough Project, Oct 2012

Severe malnutrition and dire food security outlooks are a result of the government of Sudan's violent campaign against civilian populations in South Kordofan state and its intentional denial of international humanitarian aid.

Sudan: North in the Shadow of the South

The Nordic Africa Institute, Life and Peace Institute

Report from four seminars on challenges and opportunities for peacebuilding in Sudan, held in March and April 2012 in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden. Eac ...

The State of Sudanese Children 2011

UNICEF / The Government of Sudan

Sudanese Children 2011 report, published jointly by the National Council of Child Welfare NCCW and UNICEF Sudan, shows Sudan’s progress in childhood ind ...

Services, Return, and Security in Four Counties in Southern Sudan

Bonn International Center for Conversion

BICC was commissioned to undertake a study on issues relating to Return and Reintegration (RR) of actors displaced by the fighting in Sudan and to pro ...

Insecurity and Ethnic Violence in South Sudan: Existential Threats to the State?

SUDD Institute Issue Paper, Aug 2012

The euphoria about the sense of freedom that came with the declaration of independence may be starting to wane across the country.

The Sudanese press after separation - Contested identities of journalism

Media in Cooperation and Transition, July 2012

Sudanese journalism functions within a complex web of party politics, governance, and media.

Sudan after Separation: New Approaches to a New Region

Heinrich Böll Stiftung, June 2012

Building on its 2010 publication, "Sudan - No Easy Ways Ahead" , the Heinrich Böll Foundation has brought together a new group of authors to reflect on the challenges of the post-separation era. Their contributions lay out new approaches to a new region, providing guidance to understand the complex political realities of the two Sudans, and pointing out areas where constructive international engagement is possible.

South Sudan: International State-Building and its Limits

Wolfram Lacher, SWP Research Paper 4, February 2012

Donors should link their engagement for statebuilding more closely to political dialogue with the South Sudanese government

The status of the education sector in Sudan

World Bank, Africa human development series, Jan 2012

The first comprehensive overview of the education sector in Sudan.

Dealing with complexity in peace negotiations: Reflections on the Lord's Resistance Army and the Juba talks

Dylan Hendrickson with Kennedy Tumutegyereize, Conciliation Resources, Jan 2012

Lessons that need to be learnt from the Juba peace talks that collapsed in July 2006.

Building a Nation: South Sudanese Share Their Thoughts on the Creation of a Successful State

Traci D. Cook, National Democratic Institute, Nov 2011

As the people of South Sudan undertake the task of building a new nation, public opinion research conducted by NDI shows they are optimistic about South Sudan's future while also concerned about the fundamental challenges it faces.

Seeds for Development (UNDP Sudan In Action)

UNDP Sudan, 2011

“Seeds for Development – UNDP Sudan in Action”, is the latest report from UNDP Sudan that looks at some aspects of their impact on the ...

The comprehensive peace agreement in the Sudan: Institutional developments and political trends in focus areas

Samson S. Wassara, Sudan Working Paper 2009:1

The Sudan is a vast and varied country in terms of its geography and people, defining its social and political relations from the colonial era through ind ...

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Allahu Akbar: A Friday in Khartoum
I am sipping to my coffee as I am listening to the local imam through the loudspeaker as he addresses his congregation inside the mosque.

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