Peacebuilding in Sudan: Micro- Macro Issues

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Truth and Dignity Commission

South Sudan Law Society, Deng

This paper from the South Sudan Law Society proposes the establishment of a truth commission to investigate and report on patterns of human rights abuses in South Sudan from 1972 to the present.

How to handle your neighbours' conflict

UNISCI Discussion Papers, Nº 33, October 2013

This paper explores Ethiopian-Sudanese relations, and how these relations historically have been founded on domestic goals of physical security, economic development. Ethiopia has developed strong connections with both elites in Khartoum and in Juba. and access to the water resources offered by the Nile

Stabilizing Abyei

KUSH Inc., August 2013

A political solution alone will not resolve the conflict plaguing Abyei. Urgent attention needs to be paid to local conditions and efforts on the ground should move beyond humanitarian relief to focus on transitions that would result in long-term stability. That is the conclusion of this newly-released report by KUSH Inc.

Dividing lines: Grazing and conflict along the Sudan-South Sudan border

HSBA Working Paper, Joshua Craze

Almost two years after South Sudan became Africa’s newest nation-state, its border with Sudan is neither delimited nor demarcated. While a series of ...

Developing Darfur: A recovery and reconstruction strategy

Darfur Joint Assessment Mission, April 2013

The Darfur Development Strategy developed by the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission (DJAM) offers a sequenced, coordinated and holistic plan for equitable, sustainable and participatory development, vital to move Darfur out of a cycle of conflict and poverty, towards a stable and prosperous future. The strategy is presented in this report.

The Lord's Resistance Army

HSBA Update, Aug 2012

Describing the development of recent UN and AU regional strategies to end LRA attacks and capture LRA leader Joseph Kony.

The Sudanese press after separation - Contested identities of journalism

Media in Cooperation and Transition, July 2012

Sudanese journalism functions within a complex web of party politics, governance, and media.

Forgotten Darfur: Old Tactics and New Players

HSBA Working Paper, July 2012

Amid claims of declining violence and wider regional transformations, the Darfur conflict has all but vanished from the international agenda since 201 ...

Reaching for the gun

Small Arms Survey, Human Security Baseline Assessment 19, April 2012

Arms flows and holdings in South Sudan

South Sudan: Nationbuilding through a pipeline?

Polity, April 2012

In January, the Government of South Sudan announced the construction of an oil pipeline from South Sudan to the Kenyan port of Lamu. This was a decisive signal and a demonstration of the state's desire and intention of establishing a firm political autonomy.

South Sudan and Kenya: The Relationships

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies

Kenya is a leading country in the East African region with better developed infrastructure and industry. The capital city is a regional hub derisively ref ...

Civilian disarmament in South Sudan. A legacy of struggle

Saferworld Report, Feb 2012

After an extended struggle South Sudan succeeded in becoming an independent country on 9 July 2011. Independence however, does not represent the end of ...

International Law and the Self-Determination of South Sudan

Solomon Dersso, ISS Paper 231 Feb 2012

The case of South Sudan illustrates the emergence of a new human security-based approach to claims for self-determination.

South Sudan: International State-Building and its Limits

Wolfram Lacher, SWP Research Paper 4, February 2012

Donors should link their engagement for statebuilding more closely to political dialogue with the South Sudanese government

The Two Sudans: A Tour of the Neighborhood

Omer Ismail and Annette LaRocco, Enough Project Report, Jan 2012

Examining some of the two countries' most important neighbors and regional relationships.

Gender and Statebuilding in South Sudan

USIP Special Report


  • South Sudan’s independence ends • decades of conflict as well as socioeconomic and political marginalization at ...

The Politics of Local Boundaries and Conflict in Sudan. The South Darfur Case

Yousif Takana, Sudan Working Paper 2008:2

Up to 1994, Darfur region (the present three states of Darfur) had remained a single integrated political and administrative unit since the establishment of ...

Transforming Pastoralism: A Case Study of the Rufa'a al Hoi Ethnic Group in the Blue Nile State, Sudan

Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed, Sudan Working Paper 2008:1

The pastoral sector in Sudan in general and in the Blue Nile State in particular has been marginalized and impoverished as a result of detrimental sta ...

The Aid Business in South Sudan after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Elke Grawert: New Challenges for Developing Countries

Violence and Victimization after Civilian Disarmament: The Case of Jonglei

Richard Garfield, Small Arms Survey paper, December 2007

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Allahu Akbar: A Friday in Khartoum
I am sipping to my coffee as I am listening to the local imam through the loudspeaker as he addresses his congregation inside the mosque.

Ikke mer fred å få
Ingen viktige fredsavtaler er inngått i verden de siste åtte årene. De fleste «intern-konflikter» er ikke det de gir seg ut for å være. De er deler av internasjonale konfliktsystemer der eksterne aktører spiller helt sentrale roller, skriver Gunnar M. Sørbø i en utenriksanalyse i Morgenbladet.

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