Recent events

Leveraging AI for anti-corruption: From evidence to impact

6 June
AI offers a double-edged sword in anti-corruption efforts, uncovering hidden wrongdoing while potentially enabling new fraud and exacerbating bias. This seminar tackles these challenges, exploring how to harness AI for good in building a more transparent and accountable system.

Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation 2024

23 May
Welcome to a week of public, multi-disciplinary discussions on law and lawfare.

South Africa: Towards the end of the ANC era?

12 April
Welcome to a breakfast meeting on the upcoming elections in South Africa.

Gendered politics of autocratisation in Africa

21 March
How is gender used by populist politicians and autocratic leaders in Africa?

Generational Shift in Indonesia?

8 February
All you need to know about the upcoming presidential elections in Indonesia.

Cocaine chaos: Ecuador’s drug war

18 January
In just five years, drug cartels have turned Ecuador from one of the safest countries in Latin America to one of the deadliest. How could this happen?

Twice Displaced: Fleeing Syria, Fleeing Sudan

19 December 2023
Welcome to a conversation with “double-refugee” Salam Kanhoush.

Reincarnation of Military Coups in Africa

6 December 2023
What is causing the new wave of military coups in Africa?

Hvorfor sloss eritreere i Bergen?

23 November 2023
Velkommen til samtale om det eritreiske regimet, diasporaen og flyktningspionasje.

Muslim Migrants in the West: a literary journey with Leila Aboulela

14 November 2023
Welcome to a breakfast conversation with the award-winning Sudanese fiction writer, essayist, and playwright, Leila Aboulela.

The Future of Israel and Palestine

13 November 2023
What does the war and the new atrocities mean for the future of Israel and Palestine?