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We research women´s empowerment and political participation, focusing on violence against women, family law and sexual and reproductive rights.

Completed projects

Mar 2011 - Mar 2014

Gendering Faith

Vibeke Wang

Researcher and Coordinator: Gender Politics

Karin Ask


Camila Gianella

Post Doctoral Researcher

Siri Gloppen

Senior Researcher

Anna Gopsill

Communication Assistant

Siri Lange

Affiliated Senior Researcher

Ragnhild Louise Muriaas

Associated Senior Researcher

Rachel Sieder

Associated Senior Researcher

Kjersti Simonsen

Master's Student

Iselin Åsedotter Strønen

Associated Researcher

Bertil Tungodden

Associated Senior Researcher

Inge Tvedten

Senior Researcher

Liv Tønnessen

Research Director

Espen Villanger

Research Director

Torunn Wimpelmann


Agents of Change

Women find ways to strategically exploit new spaces even under harsh conditions of extreme poverty and violent situations, thereby creating opportunities for their own empowerment in otherwise dismal circumstances.

Research on gender politics at CMI look at a variety of arenas and spaces in which women seek empowerment through law reform, including participation in political and economic decision-making processes, participation in social networks, as head of households, and women’s – and religious movements. Geographically, we deal with a wide range of countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America.

Our research is grounded in local understandings of gender relations, struggles and activism, but nonetheless inherently linked to global discourses. We seek to be at the forefront of both conceptual and empirical research and we employ a broad array of quantitative and qualitative research methods.