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We research how rights can be promoted and protected. We study how laws and courts are used to improve the lives of poor and marginalized people.

Completed projects

Jan 2008 - Jan 2012

Litigating the Right to Health

Elin Skaar

Senior Researcher, Coordinator: Rights and Legal Institutions

Karin Ask


Daniel M. Brinks

Associated Senior Researcher

Lara Côrtes

Post Doctoral Researcher

Camila Gianella


Siri Gloppen

Senior Researcher

Anna Gopsill

Communication Assistant

Svein-Erik Bøthun Helle

Coordinator, Governance and Democracy, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Malcolm Langford

Associated Senior Researcher

Helge Rønning

Associated Senior Researcher

Jessica Leigh Schultz

Senior Program Advisor (U4)

Sofie Arjon Schütte

Senior Program Advisor (U4)

Rachel Sieder

Associated Senior Researcher

Hugo Stokke

Senior Researcher

Iselin Åsedotter Strønen

Associated Researcher

Astri Suhrke

Senior Researcher

Kari Telle

Senior Researcher

Sarah A Tobin

Senior Researcher

Liv Tønnessen

Research Director

Bruce M. Wilson

Associated Senior Researcher

It´s not only a question of law

We research how law and legal institutions enhance the protection of all human rights. Our rights research has two main pillars:

Human rights and conflict: Mechanisms for addressing gross human rights abuses in conflict situations, and the use of rights based approaches towards conflict resolution and the rebuilding of societies after conflict.

Our research on transitional justice has a dual focus on the actors in transitional justice processes and the impact of transitional justice mechanisms – such as trials and truth commissions – on processes of peacebuilding and democratic (re)construction.

Making rights real: Implementing social, economic and cultural rights (to health, education, housing, indigenous rights, sexual and reproductive rights, rights to a clean and sustainable environment) by state actors as well as through mobilization from below.

We also work to develop better methods for assessing rights realization and impact. LawTransform, CMIs Centre on Law and Social Transformation, is an interdisciplinary global hub researching law as an instrument of social change. A central focus for LawTransform is how law shapes different forms of inequality, for example in health and living conditions. How and when does law make such inequalities worse, and under what conditions do rights and pro-equality law succeed in reducing inequality?