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Kari Telle

Senior Researcher

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Social anthropologist who works on the 'politics of faith' focusing on the legal regulation of religion, religious minorities, militias, conflict management and justice in Indonesia

Telle is a social anthropologist and journalist  with long-term research experience in Indonesia since 1994,  spanning various aspects of religion and religious change (Islam, Hinduism), including  ritual and processions, state management of religion, religious minorities, blasphemy trials, secularism and the politics of religious freedom. 

Telle's research also deals with  the upsurge of ethnic and religious militias and civilian policing groups in  Indonesia since 1998, with a focus on  vigilantism and the dynamic interaction between  state and non-state security providers.  Other areas of interest include:  local justice and human rights, resource governance and infrastructure tourism development in Indonesia and Southeast  Asia.

Telle is a member of the editorial committee of Kritisk Etnografi - Swedish Journal of Anthropology  and on the steering committee of Asianettverket/ the Norwegian Network of Asian Studies.  Between 2012-2016, she  served as editor of Norsk  Antropologisk Tidsskrift (NAT)/ the Norwegian Journal of Anthropology. 


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