This project explores the intersection between inequality and difference through a focus on processes of naturalizing in a changing world.  A basic premise of this project is that ‘naturalization’ processes are related to new forms of globalized power dynamics, and that this presents new analytical challenges for anthropology.
The project revolves around three main themes:

1) New Configurations of Economy and Governance;
2) Technologies of Control;
3) Ontologizing Difference: De- and renaturalizing boundaries.

This collaborative project is hosted by the Department of Social Anthropology (Univ. of Bergen), with Department of Social Anthropology (Univ. of Oslo) and CMI as Institutional Partners.
The project (2013-16) is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

CMI-researchers involved: Are John Knudsen, Siri Lange, Karin Ask, Kari Telle (coordinator).

Recent CMI publications: