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Mari Norbakk

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Social Anthropologist interested in gender, labor migration and economic inclusion.

Social Anthropologist focused on the Middle East, as well as migrant communities in Norway. Research interests include masculinities, marriage, gender, women's rights, revolutionary practice, class, capital, entrepreneurship and migration. 

Norbakk is currently engaged in a project examining Muslim immigrant entrepreneurship in Norway, The Invisible Ceiling: Muslim Immigrant Entrepreneurs Navigate Norway's Financial Environment, with a particular focus on economic integration and the role of finance. The project which is financed by the Norwegian Research Council will run for four years and brings together a radically interdiciplinary team of industry experts, finance, anthropology, political science and digital humanities. Norbakk will be co-leading one work package and contribute to the ethnographic data collection and analysis.  

For her PhD in Social Anthropology Norbakk conducted 9 months fieldwork in Qatar and has written a monograph on Qatar's Egyptian population, focused around the issue of temporariness, class, ethnic hierarchies and the intersections of capital and mobility. The monograph also deals with the longstandig history of migration between Egypt and Qatar, as well as the shifting powerstructures between the two states. Fieldwork took place as Qatar was put under blockade by its neighboring countries and also stands as an enthnographic documentation of the grassroot-level experience of an unfolding crisis. 

Norbakk has also done extensive fieldwork in Egypt and written on men and masculinities within the post-revolutionary context of Egypt post 2011. Her work has been published, amongst other places, in leading journal Men and Masculinities

In addition to conducting qualitative, ethnographic research in Egypt, Tunisia and Qatar, Norbakk has been involved in preparing literature reviews and background material for various projects, as well as assisting in editorial work, coordination, logistics and eventplanning. She has also produced commissioned work for entities like Norad, Rafto foundation, and engaged with civil society actors, especially on the topic of gender equality. She has been a teammember in various evaluations of aid and development, and is looking to further develop her insights on intersections of qualitative and quantitative methods. 

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