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Political scientist exploring intersections between law and politics in Latin America and Africa

Elin Skaar is senior researcher at CMI. Her research focuses mainly on countries that through processes of democratisation deal with human rights violations, transitional justice, strengthening and reforming their courts, and development issues more generally. Main empirical focus: Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) and Southern Africa (Namibia, Angola, Mozambique).

Skaar has worked on human rights and transitional justice issues since the early 1990s. She coordinates the research group on Rights and Legal Institutions and leads CMI's research on Transitional Justice, which focuses on both the drivers and impact of transitional justice processes. She has headed several large comparative interdisciplinary research projects on this topic, including "Drivers of Justice", "Reconceptualising Justice: The Latin American Experience" and "Beyond Words: Implementing Latin American Truth Commission Recommendations." Skaar has also provided Latin American perspectives to the comparative research programme on Everyday Manoeuvres: Military - Civilian Relations in Latin America and the Middle East

Skaar is currently part of the core team investigating the work of the Norwegian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and also heads a comparative interdisciplinary research project titled "Women on the Bench" which examines the role of women judges in fragile states. 

She has done programme work for the UNDP and served as a consultant for NORAD, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ireland Aid, and Nordic Consulting Group A/S. 

Skaar is member of the CMI Board and sits on the steering committee for the Centre on Law and Social Transformation, a joint initiative by CMI and the University of Bergen, Department of Comparative Politics.

Her two most recent books are: After Violence: Transitional Justice, Peace, and Democracy (co-authored with Camila Gianella Malca and Trine Eide, 2015) and Transitional Justice in Latin America: The Uneven Road from Impunity toward Accountability (co-edited with Jemima García-Godos and Cath Collins) (2016). Two new books are under development: Beyond Words. Implementing Latin American Truth Commission Recommendations. Vols. I and II (co-written/co-edited with Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm and Jemima García-Godos).

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