Sexual violence is an intractable problem, not least in humanitarian settings. This roundtable takes a critical look at how this issue is addressed by the international community. The first part of the discussion addresses the turn towards technology as a current trend in humanitarian aid. What should we think about the interface between technology and the fight against conflict-related sexual violence? What are the potential challenges that might emerge from the use of wearable digital technology for combating sexual violence? The second  part of the event discusses the role of truth commissions in addressing sexual violence post-conflict. How is this done, and to what effect?

Roundtable participants: Kristin Sandvik (Professor of Law, UiO); Elin Skaar (Senior Researcher, CMI)

Moderator: Liv Tønnessen (Senior Researcher, CMI)  

This roundtable is a collaboration with the Norwegian Center for Humanitarian Studies and the new CMI/LawTransform RCN project on Truth Commission and Sexual Violence.

Liv Tønnessen

Director of Center on Law and Social Transformation and Senior Researcher

Kristin Bergtora Sandvik